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Windows vs iOS vs Android
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Hello Sir / Madam,

Thank you for open this website.

First of all, I am human, pure human, in fact: 100% human. I am so sorry for any inconveniences, unsuitable and/or incorrectness thing.

What is this?

This is the the website about Technology Information not an Information Technology and some other topic related to Education based on my experience. I am sorry if I made a mistake.

This website for this time will be focusing to the information, but if you have an interest with the product in catalog and want to buy it then you can contact us. We will doing our best to produce and discuss it for the Qualities and Quantities with the manufacture of the item you have interest and/or want to request about it.

Also this website will be focusing on the information about Education based on my sight of view to the topic, my experiment, my experiences, from the book, from another website, from the opinions, from the suggestions, and another sources. All the information sometimes I got it maybe only from copy and paste, and sometimes from my own Research.

The Information in here I got it from the opinions of the user, from their brand website, my own opinions & other information which one I can not write it one by one.

If you need a solution and/or consultation for the Technology and/or Education Knowledge, if you do not mind it then you can sent an email to us.

The picture in this website, I got it from my expedition, I download it from the website, friends, and some of business partner.

If I want to complain and advertise something in this website, where should I go ?

All the criticsm, opinions, and suggestion are very welcome.

For the advertise gonna be have a bit charge to you.

You can send it all of that to alberttls@yahoo.com or alberttls@alberttls.us

Best Regards,

A. T. L. S

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How to Pray
By Luke 11 : 1 - 13


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Information Technologies
ATLS Folding Keyboard
Bluetooth Fold 4 Keyboard

Does your spoken English sound mumbly?
Spoken of English


MID / Tablet
MID / Tablet
8" new Tablet
For your iPhone and iTouch
For your iPhone and iTouch
1900 to 2800 mAh Capacity
Micro USB Portable Charge
Micro USB Portable Charge
1900 to 2800 mAh Capacity
Solar Double Charge
Solar Double Charge
2800 mAh
Modification Flash Drive
Modification Flash Drive
2 GB to 256 GB
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