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About Us

It's an easy to get some information through this few era. Knowing some of the basics will help you to gain more and more better living to help each other on this existed Earth.

What is AT.LS?

AT.LS Site is non-profite website, which owned by Albert Tan Lie Sing, and currently got support by some company, also by some of you (our site participants, members, and readers) and this the website that allows you to find and read some course i had been taught and some article easily which in the beginning we will much focusing on Applied Technology of Learning and Science for all of you.

Our article came from the news, someone created and some useful information we found and we tried it. Also the information we put into some different categories to present it on the web for any one who open this web can found it easily.

Also I would like to say to any reader of this website for all and any article and/or information you found it in here, I might not the first one who ever write it on the internet, but I hope throughout my website, you can gain some update or some reminder about what I have in my articles or in my sharing activity as the first one or the next following update.

We will try to reducing the plagiarism as minimum as possible.

Our team Learners will have something to share neither in PPT file and/or some Word document file.

Out Video Educations, which got created by some people whose willing to share a knowledge are privately for people in need.

In this site, the article is for anyone from anywhere to be read and give us comment by contacting us.

How to contact our administrator?

For any complain and/or any suggestion, opinions, and questions regarding this website, please feel free to go to the contact us page and once you application form sent out to us, then we will follow up as soon as possible in our availabilities.


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