Apple Watch credited Saving New Yorks Man Life

Apple Watch credited Saving New Yorks Man Life

A man from Westchester, New York was rushed to a hospital last month when his Apple Watch alerted him to a dangerously fast heartbeat.

That notification helped save his life, doctors said.

William Monzidelis, 32, was working at his family’s bowling alley in the Bronx when he became dizzy and had unexplained bleeding, NBC New York reported. After tracking his alarmingly fast pulse, the Apple Watch alerted him to seek medical attention.

As Monzidelis’ mother drove him to the hospital, he began hemorrhaging and having seizures in the car.

Doctors in the emergency room soon discovered that Monzidelis had an ulcer that had ruptured. Due to this, he needed a blood transfusion before he could even undergo surgery.

Since Monzidelis was young and had no known prior medical problems, doctors said he might have waited until it was too late to seek help without the Apple Watch, NBC reported.

Monzidelis called the gadget a “little angel watching me.”

Florida teenager Deanna Recktenwald had a similar experience with her Apple Watch earlier this week when the device alerted her to a heart rate of 190 beats a minute while she was attending a church service. Her watch also suggested that she seek medical attention.

At the hospital, Recktenwald learned she was suffering from kidney disease, ABC Action News in Tampa Bay reported.

“I honestly feel your Apple Watch has saved my daughter’s life,” her mother wrote to Apple.

Stories like Deanna’s inspire us to dream bigger and push harder every day. 

— Tim Cook — May 1, 2018

Nine months after the watch first went on the market in late 2015, Apple COO Jeff Williams told a radio program that the company had received a “ton of emails” from people who said the watch had saved their lives by alerting a rapid pulse.

“Having the information readily available and passively tracked in the background has proved to be profound in a way we didn’t anticipate,” Williams said.

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