First of all, please allow me to say thank you and IF you open this page, means you are trying to read about my history.

I grew up in Indonesia, for nearly 12 years around the mountain and lake, and another 2 years around the sea and depth lake, then I graduated from Sacramento California University for my Physics Degree in Astronomy and San Diego State University for my Master of Science of Mathematics, and I came to China since 2011 till Now.

Currently I work as Subject Teacher in China Mainland for Maths and Physics under AP and ACT Curriculum, and in my free time I am doing a work as Tech Specialist for WASC programs. Although challenging, all of this program will help the future generation to do more better in the process of learning throughout the books or the guidance.

Please allow me to say again thank you very much and hope you enjoy it.

Any comment will be welcome to us.

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