03 - 1. Calculus for Beginner

03 - 1. Calculus for Beginner

Therefore the topic in Calculus for Beginner are:

01. Coordinates - Points - Lines

02. Functions

03. Trigonometry

04. Limits

05. Gradients

06. Velocity

07. Rates of Change

08. Derivative

09. Techniques of Derivative

10. Application of Derivatives

11. Differentiation of Trigonometry

12. Chain Rule

13. Implicit Derivatives

14. Related Rates

15. Increasing and Decreasing of Concavity Function

16. Rolles Theorem and MVT

17. Functions at infinity

18. Optimizations

19. Max and Min Application Problems

20. Indefinite Integral

21. Integral by Substitution

22. Reimann Sums

23. Evaluation of Definite Integrals

24. Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

25. Area between Two Curves

26. Volume of Disks

27. Volume of Solids

28. Length of Curve

**Username and Password needed to have an access to each topic.


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