Carcassonne - The Basic with The River Editions

Carcassonne - The Basic with The River Editions
 Game Name  :  Carcassonne - the basic with the River Editions
 Game Type   :   Tiles Game 
 Game Categories   :   Family & Strategy Game 
 Game Author   :   Klaus - Jurgen Wrede 
 Game Publisher  :  Z-Man Games

What is this?

The world-famous French city, known for its imposing fortifications erected during the Antiquity and the Middle Ages. This fortress, surrounded by magnificent walls, still stands today as one of the most unique French cities.

In this game, players build the area surrounding this impressive city, one tile at a time. They then place a follower on fields, cities, roads, or monasteries in order to score as many points as possible. These followers will become knights, monks, farmers and thieves, depending on where they are placed. No matter their followers function, the player who will most cleverly use their followers will win the game.

A simple tactical game that offers a unique experience. A majestic way to discover a new world!

What we can learn from this?

Decision making, management stuff, an opportunities of meeple.

How many players?

The game was design to be played by up to 5 players at once.

The original game contains:

-> 72 Land tiles

-> 12 River tiles

-> 1 Scoreboard

-> 40 Wooden Followers in 5 different colors

How to get this game?

Feel free to get the original game throughout our webstore at

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