Chess is Fun - 01 - Chess Pieces Movements

Chess is Fun - 01 - Chess Pieces Movements

Hello Everyone, welcome back to our Chess News.

This time, before we go to any further about International Chess, which is in the future we will only use the name as Chess, for this website purposes, We would like to introduce you about a chess piece movement.

Also I would like to say I might not the first person who ever written the chess piece movement on the internet, but believe me when I was learn about how the pieces move, at that time the internet still very limited with the information, so my own experienced, I got it not from the internet. AND I hope, once more time again, even though I am not the first one who ever create about Chess is Fun and who ever write it on the internet about Chess Pieces Movements, I hope you are the first time to read about chess pieces movement throughout our site.

I hope this article can help you for beginner and/or anyone who just know about there's a game of International Chess or Chess.

Chess Pieces


Firstly is the total pieces on the game of Chess is about 32 pieces, which is separate by two different significant color, like white and black or dark white and dark brown, and some others like in the picture. And Each of the color will have about 16 pieces.

Chess Layout

Secondly is the component in each color which is only have 6 different pieces, like the one we were showed it in our article about International Chess. But in here i would like to show you about each pieces amount on the board before the game start.

Pieces Movement

Third is the last one, let's we figure it out about how each pieces can move on the board. Please also read about Chess Notation.



Pawn has several movement:

  • In the first step can move 2 square to front, like in the picture OR
  • In the first step move only 1 square to front
  • Can not make a backwards movement
  • To capture an enemy move diagonally
  • Special case happen like in colum 2, please open the Pawn article



Only move straight to whereever located, as like in the picture 



This the only piece on the board can made a hop or a jump with his movement like alphabet L



This piece only move diagonal and keep on each color of the bishops located in the beginning of the game



The most powerful piece on the board. Queen can make the movement to anywhere on the board, BUT can't make a jump or a hop like KNIGHT, Only move straight like Rook and move diagonal like BISHOP.



Can move to any square nearby by one square only per movement. Not many movement can be made but the most important pieces during the game.


Now, i would like to say thank you very much for your attention. I hope you can enjoy our first lesson about how to move the Chess Pieces on the board.

Please feel free to sent us any questions and please feel free to give us a support throughout Paypal.

Thank you and hope to see you again in our next lesson.


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