COUP - The Resistance Universe

COUP - The Resistance Universe
Game Name : COUP - The Resistance Universe
Game Type : Cards Game
Game Categories : Family Game
Game Designer : Rikki Tahta, La Mame Games
Publisher :

Indie Boards & Cards

What is this?

This is a very fast, funny, and bluffing game.

Based on the box of the game. The game itself talking about In a future where the Government is run for profit, all but a privileged few live lives of poverty and desperation. The Resistance rises out of these oppressed masses in revolt and throws the government into chaos. Many see hope for a brighter future for the first time in their lives. Others see opportunity for absolute power.

To take command, you must eliminate the influence of your rivals and drive them into exile.

ONLY the ONE can survive. WILL THAT BE YOU?

What we can learn from this game?

Characters, tricks, and time

How many players?

3 to 6 players

The original game contains:

-> 15 character cards (3 each of characters)

-> 6 Summary Cards

-> 50 coins

-> A book rules

How to get this game?

Feel free to support throughout purchase an original game through our webstore

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Posted On: Jan-10-2016 @ 10:25pm
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