Physics EC
Physics EC Physics

This is temporary courses for students who currently have to do online till further notice or estimated up to 20 ~ 40 working days.

Therefore this Physics EC has continued courses that have been given far earlier in the class attendance period September 2019 till January 2020.

Suggestion: DON'T takes the TEST before you finished the CONTENT of your COURSE and truly accomplished your homework, or you can't go through the next section of chapter.

The TEST is not redo-able, therefore take it carefully.

Prerequisite: None
Author: alberttls
Course Length: 8 weeks

This course will contain:

=> Slide Lectures notes in PDF Format

=> Captions textbook

=> Captions video clip

=> Trial and Error Self-Experiment with online-guide chat if needed.

=> Assignment

=> Self-Test

=> Mid-Test

=> Final Assignment