Introduction to General Science 01
Introduction to General Science 01 Science

Course: General Science 01


Period: 10 weeks


Features :


Ö      Lecture Notes,

Ö      Lecture PPT,

Ö      Related video link

Ö      Suggested Experiment


Course Meeting Time :


Discussion            :  1 session / week, 1 hour / session

Recitation              : 1 session / week, 1 hour / session


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Pre-requisite                   :


Being confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged intellectually, socially, with information and ideas to make a difference in facing future challenges with the ability to learn knowledgeably of General Science Course. There is no mandatory course you have taken before you try out on this course.

Prerequisite: None
Author: Albert Tan Lie Sing
Teachers: alberttls
Course Length: 10 weeks

Course Description:

General Science courses enable learners to develop skills and knowledge that related to a wide variety of topics, ideas, and experiences in the general category with introductory material for all of the major as per categorization.

This course will emphasize the development of basic scientific skills and concepts in: 


1. Introduction of Science

2. Earth Science

3. Life Science

4. Physical Science


In addition, scientific vocabulary and reading comprehension will be addressed to assist students in furthering their learning of science.




1. To develop a scientific vocabulary.

2. To enhance learners' comprehension of written scientific material from a variety of sources.

3. To increase learner ability to solve scientific problems.

4. To enhance learner scientific inquiry skills through conducting scientific experiments and participating in hands-on activities.

5. To increase learner understanding of basic science.

6. to heighten learners' awareness of scientific issues affecting their lives and increase their interest in science.


Course outline:


A. Introduction of Science


1. Why study Science?

2. How to be a Scientist?

3. What do Scientists know?

4. When should we write like the Scientist?

5. Who is the Scientist?

6. Where is Science?


B. Introduction to Earth Science


1. Understanding the Earth

2. The Changing of Earth Surface

3. Rocks and Minerals

4. Natural Resources

5. Climate and Weathers

6. Earth - Sun - Moon

7. How Human Affect the Earth


C. Introduction to Life Science


1. Ecology

2. Life Diversity

3. Cell Structure

4. Nutrition's

5. Environment

6. Reproduction

7. Adaptations


D. Introduction to Physical Science


1. The Structure of Matter

2. the States of Matter

3. Properties and the Periodic Table

4. Bonds and Reactions

5. Understanding Energy

6. Force and Motion

7. Waves

8. The Universe