Mechatronic 101 - 01
Mechatronic 101 - 01 STEAM

Course: Mechatronics 101 - 01


Period: 10 weeks


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Discussion             : 2 sessions / week, 1 hour / session

Recitation              : 1 session / week, 1 hour / session


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Pre-requisite                   :


Being confident, responsible, reflective, innovative, and engaged intellectually, socially, with information and ideas to make a difference in facing future challenges with the ability to learn knowledgeably of AP Physics 1, 2, Physics Electricity and Electromagnetism, Physics Optics and Wave, and Computer Science especially in Fortran and Mathlab. It’s a mandatory course you have taken before you try out on this course.

Prerequisite: None
Author: alberttls
Course Length: 10 weeks

Course Description:


Mechatronics or Robotics is a major which learning about a merger major between mechanics and electronics are vital to industrial automation.


To interact with an object, a mechatronic system must know where the object is, be able to move the object and place it in the required new position. The electronics require information from sensors that can detect position, orientation, and visual or audio signals. The electrical inputs from the sensors have to be interpreted and the appropriate signals sent out to the actuators to perform the required operation. A good understanding of feedback control is also required to be able to make changes in the system from one steady position to another without oscillations or unpredictable movements.


Course Content:


In this course, you will learn the techniques necessary for the design and implementation of such intelligent mechatronic systems.


Therefore the course units are:


01. Microcontroller Engineering I

02. Microcontroller Engineering II

03. Electronic Materials

04. Circuit Analysis

05. Digital System Design I

06. Digital System Design II

07. Energy Transport and Conversion

08. Electromagnetic Fields

09. Electronic Circuit Design I

10. Electronic Circuit Design II

11. Electronic Project

12. C - Language Programming

13. Measurement and Analytical Software

14. Mathematics 1E1 for EEE

15. Mathematics 1E2

16. Mathematics 2E1

17. Machines, Drives, and Power Electronics

18. Signal and Systems

19. Control Systems I

20. Control Systems II

21. Applied Mechanics and Industrial Robotics

22. Embedded Systems Projects

23. Sustainable Commercial Developments

24. Numerical Analysis

25. Individual Projects

26. Power Electronics

27. Sensor and Instrumentation

28. Mechatronics Analysis and Design

29. Mobile Robots and Autonomous Systems

30. Tools and Technique for Enterprise

31. Data Networking

32. Digital Signal Processing

33. Transmission Lines and Optical Fibres

34. Concurrent Systems

35. Digital Mobile Communications

36. Electrical Drive Systems

37. High-Speed Digital and Mixed Signal Design

38. Leadership in Action Unit

39. Team Project

40. Advanced Technology Enterprise for EEE

41. Nano-Electronic Devices and Nano Materials

42. Digital Control and System Identifications

43. Process Control

44. Robotics and Autonomous Systems

45. Tomography Engineering and Applications

46. Digital Image Processing

47. Design of Electrical Machines

48. Advanced Power Electronics

49. Solar Energy Technology