05 - Directions and Goals

05 - Directions and Goals
Experienced in successfully working with students age 16 to 18 years old and developing their skills at all levels of achievement. Able to utilize creative skills to design and implement well-received lesson plans and program structure. Established learning environments which meet the physical, emotional, intellectual, social and creative needs of children. Empathetic listener and persuasive speaker. Effectively counseled students and parents on goals. Objectives and plans. Rapidly developed and adjusted lesson plans to meet unforeseen classroom situations.

Enthusiastic, motivating and student-centered teaching professional with the ability to energize the classroom and promote an inquiry based learning environment. Aptitude for developing and implementing lessons that are geared towards the learner through problem based, hands on, real life problems thus preparing the student for assessments, the working world or collegiate level studies. Integrating Project Lead the Way electives, Inquiry based laboratory investigations, modelling focused lectures, flipped classroom technology and plenty of after school sessions to make sure students are succeeding to their utmost potential. Confident professional, with exceptional leadership and communication skills to create durable relationships with students, parents, peers, and the community.
Currently I am doing part-time for a company that deals with education relationship management and I believe that this will help my career aspirations.

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