English is the Simple Language - The 3rd Step

English is the Simple Language - The 3rd Step

Hello again everyone,

Thank you for your visit into our website and open our third module for English is simple.

So, let's continue our exploration about English is simple, and in this 3rd session, we will try to find about Subject - Verb - Noun pattern.

Let's see how this work throughout the following sentences as the example of the S-V-N pattern:

Sentences A Descriptions
The man is a doctor  Core Senteces
The women are doctors  Using plural noun and verb
My father is a nice guy  Modified subject and complement
My grandparents are senior citizens  Modified plural subject and complement


Note: Only linking verbs can be used with this sentence pattern.

*Others, less common structures are dealt with in another unit.

Thank you for your attention and your reading in this article. Let's meet again in other sessions of English is the Simple Language.

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