English is The Simple Language - The 5th Step

English is The Simple Language - The 5th Step

Hello again everyone,

So glad, we still can meet you again and thank you for keep following us and support us till this level.

Alright then without making you to wait anymore, our exploration at this moment will guide us to learn about S - V - Adv pattern.

Let's see throughout this following sentences as the examples of the S - V - Adv pattern.

 Sentences  A Descriptions
 The Teacher is here Basic Sentence 
 The Teacher is over there Using an adverb phrase
 Teachers are everywhere Plural Noun and Verb Used
 The Teachers are in the lobby Prepositional phrase functioning as adverb


Note: Only linking verbs can be used with this sentence pattern.

Thank you very much for your attention and that's the last part for this sessions and we will start with our practice and another sentence soon.

Please feel free to re-open our page in the following weeks for the update and practice in English as the Simple Languages.

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