English is the Simple Languages - The 2nd Step

English is the Simple Languages - The 2nd Step

Thank you for your come back and to open this 2nd session about English is simple.

In this time, I would like to share the next step from what my friend was thought me:

If in the first step we found about Subject-Verb relationship, now in this step we will try to find about Subject-Verb-Object pattern.

And now, as usual, the following sentences are examples of the S-V-O pattern:

 Sentences A Description 
 They like rice  Core Sentence
 The Human like rice  Specific subject 
 The friendly human like rice  Subject modified with an adjective 
 The human in the restaurant like rice  Subject modified with an adjective
 The human like boiled rice  Object modified with an adjective
 The human like hot, white rice  Object modified with more than one adjective


Note: Only transitive action verbs (a verb accompanied by a direct object) can be used with this sentence pattern.

This is all the 2nd part of this session for our series in this time. We will meet again in our 3rd part of this sessions.

Thank you and keep an update with us and keep yourself get an update in English.

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