General History
General History

General History

This courses will be about the lives, technologies, and monuments of past cultures in a wide range of historical periods, from ancient times to the late 20th century hope so to join our thriving history society and contribute to our successful newspaper

General History specializes in the study of past societies through their written documents, many cultures are best approached not just through the texts that framed their lives, but the landscapes, architecture, and objects they made or inhabited. Combine the best of both worlds: training in critical historical source analysis with practical archaeological methods, in our exciting new degree. You can select courses in Ancient, Medieval or Modern as well as Economic and Social History, or even specialize in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Other modules offer insights into gender history or the history of warfare and violence. 

With the courses like:

01. Discoveries and Discoverers: Sights and Sites

02. Doing Archaeology I

03. Doing Archaeology II

04. The Story of Countries

05. The Making of Mediterranean and Mesopotamian Worlds

06. Constructing Archaic Greek History

07. From Republic to Empire

08. The Odyssey

09. From the Middle Kingdom to Economic Superpower

10. Histories of the World

11. Capitalism in Historial Perspective

12. Imperial Nation

13. Forging a New World

14. State, Nation, and Nationalism

15. The Making of Country

16. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

17. Living and Dying in the Ancient Worlds

18. History in Practice

19. From Reconstruction to Reagan

20. Catullus

21. Introducing to Classical Archaeology

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