General Knowledge and Information

General Knowledge and Information

In this modern era, knowledge is not something special anymore, for most people. We all know about the Knowledge, like something can help human to think, something made human ability to know how to read this word.


Maybe it is one kind of famous information we know about it, but is that real? or it's just an act of thing?


Even then in this era or in the old time's story, KNOWLEDGE is the kind of legal existing in the category of existed in this Earth of human to live and life, there is plenty of friend of the knowledge around us. But can we able to recognize it? 


About is that one or this one are the friends of the knowledge? Or is that just an ordinary one for something or a thing around us?

alberttls Jan-06-2016 @ 05:10pm May-29-2019 @ 04:50am


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