Hive - A Game Buzzing with Possibillities

Hive - A Game Buzzing with Possibillities
Game Name : Hive - A Game Buzzing with Possibilities 
Game Type  : Board game 
Game Category : Family Game and Strategy Game
Game Designer : John Yianni
Publisher : Smartzone Games

What is this? 

This is the easier game ever been existed on Earth for two players to learn, play and adapt.

In the term of easy, this game also quiet simply great fun!

Yeah, the right one, SIMPLY GREAT FUN!!!

Hive is a fantastic game for two, played with highly tactile Bakelite tiles. The aim of the game is to be the first player to surround your opponent's Queen Bee using a team of assorted creatures of both your own and your opponent's colour. 

Because each creature has its own way of moving about the Hive, the game is sometimes called 'nature chess', yet simpler rules, no need for a board and an added dimension make it a far more flexible and accessible game that can be played anywhere.

What we can learn from this?

Strategic thinking, animal movements, decisions, management.

How many players?

The game made for 2 players only.

The original game contains:

- 22 pieces chunky Bakelite tiles

- 1 piece an illustrated rules leaflet

- 1 piece HIVE travel bag

How to get it?

Feel free to support us by buying the original game throughout our webstore.

Thank you for your attention.

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