How do you define Learning

Learn as the basic word form Learning, which means to get the knowledge, therefore in my term to help us (human) get the knowledge, we can get it by study (as it mentioned in most of English dictionary), reading, applying (like we make or do some experiment), write (to help us with a better understanding of what is going on of what we have been through in all of that experiment), and to think about how we will use that knowledge for the further purposes of humanity, as we know the root of Knowledge according to the Greek word, Gnosis, which can be defined as knowing throughout the application. Human has known the information throughout their whole cycle of learning like read-apply-think-write. Also, many curriculums are built for a better learning process throughout a system. Like the context in learning is not only responsible for learner’s subject material, but those are also responsible for helping learner how to get the idea of the lesson. Therefore, it’s important that the curriculum be systematics because learner spends most of their time in their cycle of learning. IF learners learn a lesson, they would like to repeat it throughout the process of application and writing. Spending time in the application without writing them into a paper makes it likely that will never become a true process of learning. The Learner has developed only a study processing which not letting the root of knowledge increasing. It would be better to have a try with the cycle of learning.

Another reason, that learners should learn contextually is that getting an idea of what is happening. For one thing, a context may have trouble getting into actual application. This could result in the cycle of learning being disturbed. The context could also have trouble in transferring the idea. If a learner isn’t able to understand the basic idea. In addition, a learner who is not learning properly will have other problems too. The person self-worth will probably bring him into trouble in studying and/or transferring the idea. It is worth to learn with the help of a context.

Finally, the learning means you know what you were explaining based on what you have totally study and experienced through it in theoretical and application, therefore you will able to simplify it for others to understand on what you were doing in the act and paper. On the other hand, not all paper shares this idea about learning. In Novel, for example, readers are taught to known and not to be understood like in Science book. Because there are different views on learning, learners should not be giving up in act for writing.

Implication on providing throughout a real example and the connection into the teaching-learning process, the situation should be taken from a perspective on the student environment neither digitally or reality of learning process, which we all believed media (in terms of digital information) have given the learners some information, and the assessment-centered learning environments will lead us into how the theoretical idea has been informed to us in the past, and what kind of prediction have been made to support or softly counterfeit the present situation which may not be suitable with the community.

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Posted On: Jun-26-2019 @ 11:00pm
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