DGT - Digital Game Technology

DGT - Digital Game Technology

DGT Projects was created in 1992 by Ben Bulsink and Albert Vasse and the company was registered the following year. In 2007 the name of the company changed to Digital Game Technology (DGT).

The main products of DGT are game related: digital clocks and electronic boards for chess and draughts. In 2010 innovative multiplayer game timers for up six players were developed. In 2013 DGT celebrates it 20 year anniversary with the issue of a special DGT2010 Limited Edition clock.

Ben Bulsink (research and development) specialized in electronics at University Twente in Enschede. He created DGT's Digital Game Timer and the Electronic Chess and Draughts e-Boards.

Albert Vasse (sales and marketing) is a self-confessed chess addict, player and teacher, international arbiter, and organiser. He introduced the Digital Game Timer to the chess world and received the support of FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

Mission Statement

As a leading electronics and digital company DGT develops innovative ideas with courage and enthusiasm. With our quality products and unique services we want to add fun, fairness and excitement to all games.


In addition to its chess products, DGT develops electronic products in cooperation with other companies.

Successful product development requires the close coordination of product design, production, marketing, and distribution. DGT offers its knowledge and experience in electronics and marketing strategy - key elements in exploiting your product's potential.

To get the product of DGT, please feel free to visit our webstore at http://www.atls-cn-corp.com.

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