Fasting not just for not eat Food

Fasting not just for not eat Food

When do we have to do fasting?

That's the most common questions comes up to our mind, for us who never do the fasting, once we heard that fasting word. Then what is this fasting about? In our terms, it's not about why we have to do fasting. But the more deep of thinking for fasting is more about how you can shown an act while you make a commitment and get passed with all the challenge which will come over or the challenger on your own places.

First of all Fasting is not an act about we are poor and do not have an enough money to eat, or an act aboutwe could not find any food, or an act to be slimmer. So, fasting is not an activity for a poor people only. But it's more an act for anyone who try to make a commitment. Fasting also an activity for anyone existence on Earth.

Fasting more than just not eat but it's an activity about how do you want to commit and how do you be able to control it, to be honest, and to be generous on the activity you are doing than the word of it.

Where we should do the fasting?

The fasting activity can be do in any where.

Who have to do the fasting?

Anyone and anybody, who wanna want to try. there's a proverb were saying, you will never know if you never try. so for those human who wanna want to try, this is your chance while we still stand on Earth and having a breath.

What kind of thing have to be do or have to avoid while doing fasting?

Once we want to do about fasting, then the first thing you have to do is by choose the thing you like it soo much in your life. What does it mean? This means you have to start from a something you truly love to do in your own, without harming your duty, responsibility, and your job as a human being.

For the example:

If you love to eat begetables, then the first thing you can do for starting your fasting action by taking a moment in your temporary life for not having the vegetables. ANd find it out from the term your commiting, about how many times you had failed? or how many days you can bearing with it? and what kind of things you feel while you failed it or while you succed it?

Fasting is not just for eat.

Fasting more like an act of pause. An act of pause from a something in your life to pay the act of respect, commitment and consistent of your existence.

Good Luck and have a nice fasting moments if you like to try.

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