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As we know, the words came from Physis (φύσις) originated from the Ancient Greek as the original name. in the terms means Nature.

Physics is the science of matter and energy. So in this course, we will try to learn something around us.

Started from the old centuries till the latest centuries. Began from the very tiny things like quark till the very wide things like the universe.

In this time, I will try to focus on 7 main major of Physics, which we all learn since we were in the Primary as a part of General Science, till you read this and some Combination Topics of Physics by the time being, which probably you learn or try to understand it after you read this.

Therefore the 7 main content major of Physics I will introduce to you will be classified as below:

01. Mechanics

02. Heat and Temperatures

03. Sound and Wave

04. Lights and Optics

05. Electricity and Electromagnetics

06. Astronomy

07. Relativity

And all of this will began from Physics 101 till Physics 701 and then going to the special major from the Physics of Educations.

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