Research Interests from Real Life to Numbers - Alphabetically - Signs
Research Interests from Real Life to  Numbers - Alphabetically - Signs

Research Interests from Real Life to Numbers - Alphabetically - Signs

In here, I would like to share with some limited** reader about the Research I have been doing it independently throughout some resources around me since I was a child until I am now.


Currently, in my interest, I work in differential methods for education theory, learning and applications (physics in education, chemistry of learning and practices, creativity of knowledge in application, diffusion processes on science), applied technology and learning system (digital education systems, resets of learning, impacts of digital learning systems), quantum learning (knowledge of applied idea or analysis), quantum mechanics (knowledge of theory distribution or simplification), and theorem analysis (science of inequalities, applied knowledge of analysis, subsequence of spaces).


I have a list published and/or accepted papers, and 3 pre-prints, all 25 papers are available on my webpage. 15 of these papers are from the past 4 years, and 13 are from the past 3 years. The published papers have appeared (or been accepted) in Education fields, letters in mathematical physics, and others.


Following are descriptions and/or abstract of the general directions of my research projects in the field I have done, with brief summaries of some of my papers.


Please feel free to send me an email, if you meet any problem.


**Limited, because in order for any of you to have access to read what I have published, then you have to register and sent me an email about who are you? And what're your professions on Earth? Then, after I received the email, you will have access to read it.


***PDF file is available with some compliment, and IF you ever make some donation, please feel free to let me know for the free PDF.

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