Therefore the topic in Statistics are:

01. The Key Words and Definitions for Elementary
02. Exploring Categories of Data, Levels of
03. Sampling Techniques. How to Develop a Random
04. Frequency Distribution and Histograms
05. Finding the Center of a Data Set, Mean, Median
06. Finding the Standard Deviation of a Data Set
07. Finding Z-Score, Percentiles and Quartiles
08. Introduction to Probability
09. The Addition Rule for Probability
10. The Multiplication Rule for "And" Probabilities
11. Probability of Complementary Events with "At Least One"
12. Fundamental Counting Rule, Permutations, and Combinations
13. A Study of Probability Distributions, Mean, and Standard Deviation
14. A Study of Binomial Probability Distributions
15. Finding Mean and Standard Deviation of Binomial Probability Distribution
16. Introduction to the Normal Distribution and Continuous Random Variables
17. The Standard Normal Distribution - Using Z-Score, Standard Score
18. Sampling Distributions Statistics - Using Samples to Approx. Populations.
19. The Central Limit Theorem for Statistics - Using Z-Score, Standard Score
20. Finding Confidence Intervals for the Population Proportion
21. Confidence Interval for the Sample Mean, Population Std Dev. --- Known
22. Confidence Interval for the Sample Mean, Population Std. Dev. --- Unknown
23. Confidence Intervals for Variance and Std. Dev. Chi-Squared Distribution
24. An Introduction to Hypothesis Testing
25. Hypothesis Testing for Population Proportion
26. Hypothesis Testing for Population Mean, Population Std. Dev. is Known
27. Hypothesis Testing for Population Mean. Population Std. Dev. is Unkown
28. Hypothesis Testing Involving Variance and Standard Deviation.

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