Strategic Research Pattern in Learning

Strategic Research Pattern in Learning

The graphs of equations sometimes give rise to some classic curves, such as the cardioid, but they can also be used to describe the flight patterns of moths as they approach a light.

First, Signs, as we know about the universe itself have spoken to us throughout many kind of signs, such as the hard touchable material, we called it stone in alphabet, the untouchable but seeing able, we called it as water in alphabet, H2) as a signs, the non-seeing-able, non-touch-able, but feel, we named it as air, in many different kind of form as chemist define it.

Secondly, Numbers, we know about something does not exist just a thing only, but in more than just a thing, therefore a bunches of this category, we called it into a numbers, which form as a groups, into a category, from an individual.

Thirdly, Alphabetically, we can't just assuming those images, and patterns which such of a signs and numbers without an idea of how we should we generate it into our form of understanding, therefore we called as a name in the form of alphabetically, which we, human, can pronounce it in our own language, and those literates people could define it into more accurate and specifics term than us, the discovered.

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