First of all the images, i did not make it and I do not know who was make this images, but I am truly appreciate to that person who was created this images and share it into the internet and thats why i can get it from the search engine, in this image, hope it can give us a bit of reflection before go to the main topics about who or which is our teacher? the board, the human, the books, the words of teacher, the apple, or the ruler.

I belief everyone who can get the access into this site, ever ha a Teacher in their life, but have you ever think about:

who is your teacher? what are they? whcih one is your teacher? why they become your teacher? where are they know? when they started to be a teacher? how to be a teacher?

Well, I am not a Great Teacher yet, but i was once a Teacher with certified and credibility.

In this article, I am not asking you about this is what a teacher should be do or done, but mostly in this article is about my idealism and my experienced as a teacher for about 4 years in legal institutions and more than 6 years in outside of the legal institutions.

Why I become a teacher? The first thing first is I never ever had a mind to be a teacher in the first place, but the world show me about I am not a good author like Shakespear, J.K. Rowling, and some other name which is I am not even know since I believe I read a book less than what mostly people read. But am I ever read a book? Yes, I had a several different kind of book, which is I got it because of free, a huge discount from the market, a gift, and so on. 

Then why I become a teacher? the thing is because as a human and to made us different with another living organism existed on this Earth, then teach is one of the best ever gifted, we ever have it as a human. So to share my thought, to share what I was learnt, to share what I ever knew and understood, to share whatever the knowledge should be share, being a Teacher is the best ever way to do it. But to do so, is not truly as easily as I write in here.

Here's my thought:

The word of teacher, basically come from the word of teach with an expansion of -er. and what is teach? In my mind, when I write this article, teach is a something to encourage a common human, what is the common human? common human in this term have a meaning as a human which is have no ability yet or have no any special skill but willing to learn from someone or somebody, which they recognize as an expert or as a person or a thing, whom or which have more skilled in some subject than their ownself.

And if like that then what is teacher? So the teacher is a person for guiding the common people around the world or around the new era to give them an ecouragement for learning a something of their interest or a something for them to be more humanity as like what they should be existed on Earth.

Since a century ago, teach is a something like guiding.

As a teacher we will guide people who like to learn a something or the something.

A Teacher were not and never can controlling the new learners but the teacher should able to guide the new learners to learn a something in properly and wisely for the existences of Earth and everything inside.

Back to several years ago, while i was a teacher in legal insitutions and has an opportunity to teaching a new learners which is most of my students about 7 to 9 years younger than me, i met some kind of human who has a same profession with me on that time as a teacher, but, this human will prefer to teach a kid who are smart.

I remember, back to that time on that era, they thaught me about don't waste your time, we as a teacher better use our time to guide the smart student, because they want to learn and they can understand us. Well, sadly in that time, i become an opposite of their concepst and that's made me have to be proud a little bit in this time, because i was made a very right decision by saying to those teacher about that's our guide to made the people who are not understand to be understand, if they refuse to understand, then also our job as a teacher to find the reason of it. if we are give up on this, then who else will able to find it out ? their parents trust it on us that's why their parent put their kids in our school, so, why do not I "waste" my time a little bit longer with them while my smart student have someone to take care of it, but if my smart student want to join with me, to "waste" their time with others then my place is always open, because the 40 sqm of room, is quiet too big to be occupying by only 20 learners and 1 teacher.

So, how about in this era? AFTER you read my shared about TEACHER, what a kind of person or teacher are you?

The answer will be in yours.

Thank you for read and I apologize for any mistake you was found it in this article.

Any complaint and comment are truly welcome to my e-mail. Feel free to contact the admin to know my email. 

Please remember, if your Teacher are human, then please forgive them if they do some mistake inpurposes.


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