Current List of Courses:

  1. General Science
  2. Mathematics - Pre Calculus and Calculus 1-2-3
  3. Physics 1 (Mechanics) and 2 (Electricity and Magnetism)
  4. International Chess
  5. Research Skills

Teaching Experience: here's my teaching statement (login required)

8 Years in China Mainland:

  1. AP Calculus AB
  2. AP Calculus BC
  3. AP Physics 1
  4. AP Physics 2
  5. AP Physics Mechanics
  6. IB DP Mathematics
  7. IB DP Further Mathematics
  8. IB DP Physics
  9. CIE AS-Level Mathematics
  10. CIE A-Level Mathematics
  11. CIE A-Level Further Mathematics
  12. CIE A-Level Mechanics
  13. GAC - Computer Science (007 - 011 - 017)
  14. GAC - Science
  15. UNSW Foundations Program - Mathematics
  16. UNSW Foundations Program - Physics
  17. Physics for an undergrad student
  18. Pre-Calculus for junior level of high school
  19. International Chess for high school
  20. International Chess for community
  21. General Technology

5 years of Teaching experienced before China mainland:

  1. Survival Skills
  2. Mathematics for AQA, and CIE
  3. Applied Physics
  4. Humanities
  5. General History
  6. Mechatronics
  7. Social Studies

Research Experience for gifted and/or talented learners with a skill:

in 2014, I ran AT.LS Program trial for the students with the system of guiding and organizing their own interest in their limit. The topic was developing the gift into the community. In studying: leading of their skills with the moment of circular learning, we found a new and interesting community of culture associated with learning and applications.

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