13 - The Pawn

13 - The Pawn

Once in a lifetime, as I mentioned in Chapter 03, the games I do love so much is International Chess, therefore in this chapter, I would like to share with you about which chess pieces I have chosen to become in my life.


While as all of us know about Queen is the most flexible pieces on the chessboard, especially if you can occupy the center of the chess board. And the only opponent can be giving a thread to Queen without any worry is the Knight. As like I have written in detail in my Chess Introduction.


Therefore, do I choose Queen or Knight? Well, sad to say, but I have chosen to become a Pawn, as like the title of this Chapter. Why Pawn?


Well, please allow me to giving a bit of review about Pawn (for more detail of Pawn, please feel free to read my article about Chess Pieces - The Beauty of Pawn), as we all know about Pawn is the smallest pieces on the chess board, but it win by numbers, because there are 8 pieces of this token on the chess board, while the other pieces only have maximum 2 pieces. Pawn also only can move forward, except when it takes an opponent piece, and one special move the Pawn, which is Pawn can get promoted, the only pieces on the board which can get a promotion.


But, remember life isn't a pawn or a chess board.


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