The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow

The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
Game Name  :  The Werewolves of Miller's Hollow
Game Type  :  Card Games
Game Categories  :  Mystery Games & Strategy Games
Game Author  :  Phillippe des Pallieres & Herve Marly
Game Publisher  :  Asmodee Games & Aui Meme Games

What is this?

In the litle town of Miller's Hollow has become infested with werewolves. The townsfolk must take immeidate action and eradicate this menace before they are all devoured.

BUT . . . during the day they try to conceal their identity from the Townsfolk.

Try to figure out which team you are on and work with the other members to take over the town!

Who are you? Werewolf or townsperson?

An extremely easy game to play, ideal for larger groups. BUT, BE CAREFUL! THIS GAME CAN BECOME ADDICTIVE !

What we can learn from this?

Analyze, patient, moderate, friendships.

How many players this game?

The core edition of this game can be played up to 18 players at once, the image show the small box, that's for up to 18 players.

The special editions comes after 10 years of this game success, can be played up to 28 players at once, the image show the big box, that's for up to 28 players.

How to get this game?

Feel free to visit our webstore to support our original game at

The original box contains:

-> 1 rule book

-> a players cards like the werewolves, ordinary townsfolk, fortune teller, thief, hunter, cupido, witch, sheriff, little girl and another secret players which is coming with the special edition.

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