00. Units and Dimensions

00. Units and Dimensions

let's start it from here then.

Well, as all of us know about there's a learning about alphabet before we start the words, and there's a learning about tenses before we start the paragraph, and etc.

So, this time, before all of us start to digging more depth in this section, will be good for all of us to create an agreement like when all of us want to do a something in our computer or in the company we are working on.

This time, I would like to introduce Chapter 00 with the topic Units and Dimensions, which we, Physicist, believe as one among another important factor for each of our equations.

There are only 7 basics units and dimension we will going to use at this moment in Physics as far as i know, and if in the future i got some news or some of us discover more then i will adding it.

So, here's the 7 basic SI units and dimension in physics

No Human called Units called Units symbolic Dimension
01 mass kilograms kg [M]
02 length meters m [L]
03 time seconds s [T]
04 temperature kelvin K [θ]
05 luminous intensity candela cd [J]
06 electric current ampere A [I]
07 amount of substance mol mol [N]


human called, means how we translated it into English or some other language to help us memorizing it after we able to discover it on Earth.

Units called, means a something existences and have a value with some measurement for us to be able to evaluate it properly and fairly comparison.

There's another units which we define it from this 7 basic units, and we will calling them as derive units, an example: area, volume, speed, velocity, force, energy, etc. And we will discover it more during our learning and your reading on this topic.

And of course, over all of this units, there's still imperfection in the perfections, which we will have to adding the uncertaintity to create our prediction close enough to our observations.

For more detail about each of their definition please, click their own name to get directing into the short connected link which talked on the each items specifically.




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