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00 - When it All Started

00 - When it All Started

In here, i would like to share about when this all begin seriously and starts to approaching like what you have seen me now in 21st century, even though some of you may have seen me in the end of 20th century.

This isn't mean i have a century life span yet. just coincidenly my existences between the nearly end of 20th centry till somewhere in the beginning of 21st century.

The choosen Professions, which the detail on chapter 07 - Teaching and History, but before it, here's the general idea of that chapter:

My formal teaching experience has spanned more than 11 years, and includes more than 20 instructed courses. Through the use of different pedagogies and attention to learners backgrounds and interest, I have been successful in consistently generating enthusiasm for the subjects I have taught. I promote active learning and classroom communication, particularly through the use of traditional and modern technology. Integrity, fun, and social justice have been important themses in all my teaching-learning interactions. My teaching has provided me a wealth of tools of self reflection, giving me new insights into my own professional interests, and informing my research. From student questions and comments during class, office hours, and from my supervision of the after class time. I have found a new understanding and increased appreciation of mechantronics, combinatronics, and even calculus. My teaching and advising experience has been recognized by the learners in my classess, this the most prestigious award in my support of teaching-learning, which exemplify the role of teacher-scholars through outstanding research, excellent education, and the integration of education and research within the context of the mission of the institution.

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