Applied Physics in Education


My focus on this project is the position of science, in terms of Physics as one of my favorite subjects since 1997 till now, in society and in the educational systems. I was working to enhance the connection between Physics and to improve Physics in Education on all levels of learning. Learning and conceptual development in Physics topics. Implementation of the Physics into the curriculum in the high school, in particular like the history to teaching physics (As a TRUE Background). The performance of Higher Level Science of Physics on learning is this only as of the language of mathematical modeling approach to physics in higher level learning. Applied into Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics, as the purposes of the project which aimed to gain insight into learner's for choosing or not choosing to learn physics in school, daily life, and higher level, as well as to explore how learners perceive physics as a subject and how they will experience physics learning. Introductory of learning as pre-service and in-service of the educator, which is the Science in Practice and the Physics Education in Research and Application.

Posted By: alberttls
Posted On: Apr-05-2013 @ 09:40am
Last Updated: Sep-08-2020 @ 06:21am
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