The theory has been formed since many centuries ago, but the evidence is only shown after those many years of existences theory. This beginning of everything has brought many scientists to the edge of their thinking, due to the idea of how can something come from nothing at all. This also supports the idea in Science about the theory will become meaningless if there's no evidence or support experiment that can be matched with it. Therefore, how should we see it? and where should we start to measure it out in general?

The name is called Black Holes, as interesting as they are mysterious, but there's actually a surprising amount we as humans do know. By using Math we can calculate things and come up with theories about what would happen to us if somehow we fall into them.

If we're the sort of person who gets excited with Maths and calculating these things for our fun in order to find the perfect match between our theory and our application that we put into our practice through trials and error, but what is the Scientist has ever thought on the Universe Survival Guide?