01 - What Makes 2021 Being Different Than 2020

The year 2020 has passed, humans were spending most of their time in their homes or being away from the crowd. The Virus that causes epidemics without discrimination took human freedom, happiness, and comfort. In poorly ventilated space like a minimum of fresh air from the outdoors will put us (humans) at higher risk for being infected. In early 2020, there is not enough information yet to saving human beings from this new virus with the capability of changing rapidly. Human positivism can help beat this epidemic also through human transparency, human response, and accountable humans are needed in order to find a better solution on helping humans on building more effective and inclusive solutions to a better recovery of tomorrow.

Now, this is the time for 2021. The year of 2021, that’s how it’s literary read, a new group of numbers that just exists, which indicate as a new round of years based on Gregorian Calendar just begin, even though for nearly ten days has passed. 2021 also indicated as a new schedule for whatever activity we as a human have planned in 2020 to try with a hope to do it in 2021. There is enough information throughout the analysis of the case study and conceptual idea to protect human beings from the previous epidemic. 2021 also a year on a something new like vaccine needs more distribution to prevent and decrease the spreading of the virus into the minimum value that can exist.

Finally, the year 2021 literary is a year indicates to become something new after the year 2020. Due to the epidemic, most of the human activity in the year 2020 is on hold. Humans are not immortal and need experience through their whole lives on better learning. Also, safety guidelines is a simple formula. The medical team is not only responsible for treating this virus subject material, but all humans are also responsible for preventing and decreasing the spreading of the virus. Therefore, it’s important that each human take precautions on protecting human-self and other human beings by washing your hand, wear a proper mask from nose to chin, maintain a distance between one and another human being, have a proper meal, and monitor your health daily. Furthermore, if humans learn a lesson in 2020, then in 2021 humans won’t repeat the mistake. Lockdown activity without an alternate solution to keep activity stable like before makes it likely that the situation and information do not handle properly. Most humans only have very limited proper and trusted information and many conspiracy theories around the media. Since there are different views on information, then it would be better for transparency, response, and accountability to be share accurately till this vaccine distribute properly in 2021 with hopefully the upcoming antiviral drug on reducing the death from this epidemic virus.

02 - Some People May Not Realize That 2021 is Not Just a Literal Number

First, in one of our previous articles about what makes 2021 being different than 2020. We talked generally about situations and conditions that are happening surround us since the spread of something new in 2020 with a better hope in 2021. We also learned about humans are not perfect and go through our whole lives making mistakes for a better purpose. Even the Wise man has to apologize sometimes. This time the article will focus more on the groups of a number of 2021 itself as not just a literal number. We may not learn this directly while we are at the school, but we may learn about this progress while we are at the learning place. It’s important that our foundation being strong on learning at the learning place and pace. If humans learn the uniqueness of 2021, they will consider exposing their hidden potential. By sharing the unique idea of number 2021 throughout this article what many of us may not see before. Humans will develop more insight and will learn in some of the progress of getting by. It would be better to share the hidden uniqueness of the number 2021.

In the simplest reason for 2021 in which the unique form group of numbers. 2021 as in fact we know the concatenation of two consecutive integers, 20 and 21. This could result in 2021 not only meaning to keep continuous for the activity to be a better one. 2021 as in fact has a sum of 5. As we can see it through if we are adding those numbers from 2 with 0 with 2 and with 1, then we will get 5. The fact, we as a human assume about 5 is one set of fingers in one palm, so we can do our full work in it. Also, the number of 2021 is based on representations. Like on the other ways of writing it, in the Roman numeral as MMXXI, which also sum of 5, or in the written of binary as 11111100101, which also indicate the consecutive integers.

Another additional reason for a number of 2021 is also a unique number out of their two consecutive integers and their sum, this number is composed of two prime numbers. 2021 factorization is 43 and 47, which brings us about the divisor of 2021 except their number itself. The numbers 43 and 47 are also evidence of two consecutive prime numbers, as number 43 is the 14th prime number and number 47 is the 15th prime number. In which philosophically thinking, about we as a human need to be sure to keep moving on in our uniqueness to be equal with surround us. It is worth having ourselves on keep moving to a better reach in our uniqueness to become non-unique as the natural numbers have shown us.

On the other hand, for another fact of number 2021, it is a deficient number based on many viewers of number. This because the sum of its proper divisor without the number itself is equal to 91 from the summation of 1, 43, and 47, in which it’s has a deficiency equals to 1930. Unlikely the sum of two prime numbers in 2021 divisor is equal to 90, in which it’s has a deficiency equals to 1931. This indicated about it is worth becoming different and having a deficiency in life with a better chance.

Finally, the uniqueness of group number 2021 is not just the same perspective in a most human point of view perspective based on their basic idea. Mathematicians and Philosopher value their groups of numbers of 2021 should be coming from the fundamental numbers from 0 to 10 and vice versa with their brackets and their basic arithmetical operations, as many of us have tried it out. Now, we will see how groups of 2021 got form out of it like if we line up the basic number from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, with their basic operations from + - / *, and brackets { [ ( ) ] } in our convenient, then we Mathematician believe this fundamental math operation can be brought to any number in any form, but in this case. Mathematician believes it also with a proper operation, then it can form the value equals to 2021 as well, as we will see some of the examples that have been doing by several passionate Mathematician that I can’t mention all of their names, but allow me to thank you to share your work. Therefore, the way to approach the value of 2021 based on those fundamental numbers and operations are like:

01) By ignoring the BEDMAS rules, then we can get: 10-9*8*7*6+5-4*3*2-1 = 2021

02) By medium using the BEDMAS rules, we can have:

10*(9-8+7*6*5-4-3-2)+1 = 2021

10*(-9+8+7*6+5*4*3)*2+1 = 2021

10 x (-9 + 8 + 7 x 6 + 5 x 4 x 3) x 2 + 1 = 2021

03) By strictly using the BEDMAS rules, we have:

{(-10-9+8*7+6)*[(5*4+3)*2+1]} = 2021

{[(10+9)*8*(7+6)]+[5*(4+3*2-1)]} = 2021

{[(10+9)*(8+7/6)-5]*4-3}*(2+1) = 2021

04) By uniquely using the BEDMAS rules, we have:

{10+[(9+8+7+6)*(5+4^3-2)]+1} = 2021

{1+2*[3^4*(5+6)+7*(8+9)]} = 2021

From those 4 forms as we know, 2021 has 4 divisors like 1, 43, 47, and 2021, also representation by human languages with 4 letters like twenty thousand twenty-one. In the other idea, its philosophically meaning if we are ignoring rules, like the BEDMAS (Bracket Exponent Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) then we have a very limited option in our life to live, and if we follow the rules half handedly, we may seem like have more options but indeed those options are similar with different progress. Now, if we follow the rules itself like we follow our life to live rules, then we will not only have peace, joy, and love but also, we can always have more and more options to choose in our lives to live. Lastly to being unique doesn’t mean we have to break the rules of life to lives, in fact to being unique with tons of options will be brought us to be accepted by the community as long as we can follow the rules of life to lives. Because being common or different in our life to lives doesn’t mean we need to break the rules of life to lives limitless to the infinity.

If some of us have wondered about does the sum of 2021 is 5, but why do we go with the forms of 4? Should not it be 5? Then the next one is the last one about the beginning in 2021 will be share with you what is the 5th form will be about?

03 - The Number 2021 Should Become 1 of The Attention to All Human Beings

In addition to my last article "Some People May Not Realize That 2021 is Not Just a Literal Number", the uniqueness of group numbers with the form 2021 has given us a chance for us, humans, to learn and recognize it more. The group's number with the form 2021 thought us many variant ways to reach the meaning value of 2021 throughout our fundamental numbers and operations. The operations to form the group numbers with the form 2021 are not perfect and there are many possible ways to do so. Even the increasing arithmetic value can be formed once we put it into action to let us know more about it by having more will also bring our own value of 2021. Also, the sum of group numbers with the form 2021 is a situation to help us know about our surroundings. As we have seen, the sum is 5 and much of the evidence brought to it, and by being human, we are not only responsible for our own self, but we are also responsible for other living things on share like 5 important things on support our life to live on this universe, like water, air, ground, sun, and love. Therefore, it’s important that we, humans, learn in our life lessons how to share those positive in our life to live. Furthermore, the uniqueness of group numbers with the form 2021 told us if humans learn a lesson of life, humans will achieve the true meaning of our life to live as we reach the value. Ending our years without learning them makes it likely that we as a human will never grow up, numbers have taught us a uniqueness message on how to spoke with us. It would be better to learn our life to live carefully.

Another reason is that group numbers with the standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021. For one thing, this standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021 may have to guide us to several kinds of processes on reaching the value of 2021. This could result in human life live not only being decreasing since most of the order in the example have a common difference with -1, but in human life to live for being more focused on all of the options of life to live we have, and we will face in this 2021 to form our value of 2021. The group numbers with the standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021 also have increased value. This could also mean in human life to live on increasing our sharpness as a human beings, with being focus on our task, an example in here like businessman scientist Elon Musk, the current model in almost all fields of science and technology, with his focus on the development of technology, by starting from PayPal the online platform of finance, then he develops to a combination of science and technology like all of the company he currently has. And, if we cannot be like Elon Musk, then this increasing value on reaching 2021 could also mean we can sharping our focus as human beings on share our water, air, ground, sun, and love by just doing one simple thing on not harming the environment throughout our hardly decompositioning material. On the other hand, the group numbers with the standard operation, BEDMAS, to form 2021 have a unique way of being form. Which the form told us how uniquely of us, as human beings, by not having a claw, a paw, a fang, a fur, etc. like most animals, but we are the only species on Earth, and I may assume in this entire Universe on having an ability to share our wisdom in order of surviving. For this scene, only we the human species have a recorded history since our ancient generation existed. It is surely worth being standard especially on finding our form in 2021 through the standard operation.

Next, the uniqueness of this 2021 message coming from the form of other Mathematical operations. Like one of the wonderful passionate retired Mathematician, Dr. Tanjea, has discovered finding a new value of 2021 by using operations of the same digit. Dr. Taneja passionate by limiting with only up to 10 digits per equation and using a combination of 1’s only, or 2’s only, or 3’s only, or 4’s, 5’s, 6’s, 7’s, 8’s, 9’s that can bring us into a value of 2021. And the way on his to reaching the value of 2021 throughout the same digit, are like:

(2 x 22 + (2/2))2 – 2 – 2 = 2021

(3 – (3/3))^(33/3) – 33

4 + (4 + 4) x (44 – 4) + 4/4

5 + (((5 + 5)^(5 – (5/5)) + 55)/5) + 5

6 + 66 x (6 x 6 – 6) + 6 x 6 – (6/6)

((77 + 7)/7 )+ 7 x (7 x (7 x 7 – 7) – 7)

8 x (8 +8) x ( 8 + 8) – 8 – 8 – (88/8)

((9 + 9)/9)^(99/9) – (9 + 9 + 9)

Also, Dr. Taneja mentioned, “those patterns are not uniform,” therefore there are some other ways to finding the value of 2021. And those patterns are just one among those variant fundamental mathematical operations that have been discovered. Therefore, it would be better if you can allow yourself to try to find another pattern in such a combination of your own life lesson.

As in the development of Mathematical Operation, then another way on finding the value of 2021 a Mathematician have discovered using simple Calculus operation. For example, the use of Limits, which many Mathematicians believe has a fundamental of almost everything in calculus and analysis as a further operational in Mathematics. An example on calculus also brought us to the value of 2021 like:

the image that you can see.

Another form of development in Mathematical Operation which is quietly famous is the use of Differential and the use of Integration. Those are two famous Calculus operation that many of us can find it almost in many applications, as we will see it in our incoming topics about the Application of Mathematics in Real Life.

Now, we have seen and read about there are many kinds of mathematical operation, from the simple ways like not using the BEDMAS to a few complex ways like the development of Mathematical Operation on finding the value of 2021. And as the direct sum of 2021 is 5 like we mentioned in our previous article and we know about what would be this 5 meaning like we have it in the current article. Therefore, in this article also, we shared the current two additional options of Mathematics Operation, which one would be your fifth form for this Mathematical Operation that best fit to describe the value of 2021 in the meaning of life to live in 2021?

to be continued ... ... ...

04 - In Conclusion With the Number 2021

In Contrast, the solutions on how we finding the value of 2021 are not the same in all living being. Some of us value variety and differences. The differences like increasing and decreasing of common difference between numbers to have a total value of 2021 taught us about in life to live there’s increasing and decreasing or up and down either in our emotions, intellectual, spiritual, communication and technology in the sense of our human life to live. An example like one ever been mentioned in the quotes by Albert Einstein, “everybody is genius, but if we judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life to believing it’s stupid.” This means all human beings have their own variety and differences, on how we should value to create a proper goal in our 2021 will brought us to what we will become by expose our differences and not judging others who have a different ability than us. On the other hand, some of us also value individualism. As we have seen throughout the equation discovered by Dr. Taneja about combinations of one digit also can have the value of 2021 or making the group numbers of 2021. In terms of the philosophical idea about our individualism with our single skills and/or ability also enough to bring our 2021 being something that others may not see it on how it can be useful on making our community and/or environment to become more friendly and useful without harming others around us. An example like in our life on how the techie has helped us with plenty of cool apps that we can see in our APP Store for Apple Users, Play Store for Android User, Windows Store for Windows Users, and Steam Store for Steam User, this techie has helped us by secretly lightening our life to live especially in our work without we even know who’s those techies. But they do enjoy becoming techies on providing many users with such a tool. In addition, it’s not far to realize our possible development as numbers in operations have shown us. Numbers and basic operations have been introduced to us from a young age and get developed during our process of growing up. Even though many of us, humans, are still a bit confused and/or not intuitively connected with those numbers but those numbers have always been around us in any kind of form on helping us with our human development. Like all kinds of current profession always needed the application of mathematics neither in the theoretically to be invented/discovered and/or in the applied system that needs to be realizing it. Because there are different views on Numbers and Operations for finding the value of 2021 but those essences as the directly seen sum of 2021 are 5, for us, which is obviously the human living through the water that given on our humanity especially while we are thirsty, an air that given to us in each day, the ground that helping us human on growing the seed for helping us to have energy, with living under the sun to keep us on having a warm climate on our survival and love of each other on letting us being more concern between one and another.

In Conclusion, numbers the part of natural language in mathematics form. The Mathematics form comes with fundamental numbers, fundamental operations, and the role of brackets. With those fundamentals in mathematics like number, bracket, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division which we know the necessity for many of us, humans, on how our life get color throughout this basic operation, even though sometimes can be quite complex, but at the same time we can find meaning behind all of those through the combination of alphabets that we called learning. With the use of Bracket then we know which one should be done first, as well as in our life we can classify which one should be a priority to be accomplished soon. Under the development in the Mathematics form that helping with Operations like Exponents and Calculus. With the starting of development in terms like exponent humans can see about the similarity in a pattern can go with a simplification, therefore in whom the whole structure, being joined together, we can grow into a convenient place of residents on the Universe. Like in our life the beauty of our existence is not about how much stuff we do have or own, but how well have we build our morals throughout the universe order that has always spoken to us, in this nature of language. Lastly, philosophers in ancient Greek times value the meaning of this mathematics language. Even though not all Mathematicians and Philosophers at the current state share this attitude about mathematical philosophy, but back in the past like Plato's generation and those eras have greatly shown about Mathematics and Philosophy are one and another on helping each other in their journey of discovery. In which we all see several equations that have been shown in this article and the previous articles about how each equation got form and the need for them on supporting each other without changing their order of operations. Therefore, if we would occupy ourselves with developing our honed skill and ability by cooperating what the Universe has told us in this 2021 and the following coming years to come, surely we, a human would see and learn to grasp the truths of the Universe and so we, human, would not be snared by the conspiracy and confusing information that nowadays has to keep growing. Let’s have our fun learning, sharing, and developing in 2021 to the following coming years to come to a greater of this Universe, the Earth, and everything in it.


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