2021 is Not Just a Literal Number

First, in one of our previous articles about what makes 2021 being different than 2020. We talked generally about situations and conditions that are happening surround us since the spread of something new in 2020 with a better hope in 2021. We also learned about humans are not perfect and go through our whole lives making mistakes for a better purpose. Even the Wise man has to apologize sometimes. This time the article will focus more on the groups of a number of 2021 itself as not just a literal number. We may not learn this directly while we are at the school, but we may learn about this progress while we are at the learning place. It’s important that our foundation being strong on learning at the learning place and pace. If humans learn the uniqueness of 2021, they will consider exposing their hidden potential. By sharing the unique idea of number 2021 throughout this article what many of us may not see before. Humans will develop more insight and will learn in some of the progress of getting by. It would be better to share the hidden uniqueness of the number 2021.

In the simplest reason for 2021 in which the unique form group of numbers. 2021 as in fact we know the concatenation of two consecutive integers, 20 and 21. This could result in 2021 not only meaning to keep continuous for the activity to be a better one. 2021 as in fact has a sum of 5. As we can see it through if we are adding those numbers from 2 with 0 with 2 and with 1, then we will get 5. The fact, we as a human assume about 5 is one set of fingers in one palm, so we can do our full work in it. Also, the number of 2021 is based on representations. Like on the other ways of writing it, in the Roman numeral as MMXXI, which also sum of 5, or in the written of binary as 11111100101, which also indicate the consecutive integers.

Another additional reason for a number of 2021 is also a unique number out of their two consecutive integers and their sum, this number is composed of two prime numbers. 2021 factorization is 43 and 47, which brings us about the divisor of 2021 except their number itself. The numbers 43 and 47 are also evidence of two consecutive prime numbers, as number 43 is the 14th prime number and number 47 is the 15th prime number. In which philosophically thinking, about we as a human need to be sure to keep moving on in our uniqueness to be equal with surround us. It is worth having ourselves on keep moving to a better reach in our uniqueness to become non-unique as the natural numbers have shown us.

On the other hand, for another fact of number 2021, it is a deficient number based on many viewers of number. This because the sum of its proper divisor without the number itself is equal to 91 from the summation of 1, 43, and 47, in which it’s has a deficiency equals to 1930. Unlikely the sum of two prime numbers in 2021 divisor is equal to 90, in which it’s has a deficiency equals to 1931. This indicated about it is worth becoming different and having a deficiency in life with a better chance.

Finally, the uniqueness of group number 2021 is not just the same perspective in a most human point of view perspective based on their basic idea. Mathematicians and Philosopher value their groups of numbers of 2021 should be coming from the fundamental numbers from 0 to 10 and vice versa with their brackets and their basic arithmetical operations, as many of us have tried it out. Now, we will see how groups of 2021 got form out of it like if we line up the basic number from 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, with their basic operations from + - / *, and brackets { [ ( ) ] } in our convenient, then we Mathematician believe this fundamental math operation can be brought to any number in any form, but in this case. Mathematician believes it also with a proper operation, then it can form the value equals to 2021 as well, as we will see some of the examples that have been doing by several passionate Mathematician that I can’t mention all of their names, but allow me to thank you to share your work. Therefore, the way to approach the value of 2021 based on those fundamental numbers and operations are like:

01) By ignoring the BEDMAS rules, then we can get: 10-9*8*7*6+5-4*3*2-1 = 2021

02) By medium using the BEDMAS rules, we can have:

10*(9-8+7*6*5-4-3-2)+1 = 2021

10*(-9+8+7*6+5*4*3)*2+1 = 2021

10 x (-9 + 8 + 7 x 6 + 5 x 4 x 3) x 2 + 1 = 2021

03) By strictly using the BEDMAS rules, we have:

{(-10-9+8*7+6)*[(5*4+3)*2+1]} = 2021

{[(10+9)*8*(7+6)]+[5*(4+3*2-1)]} = 2021

{[(10+9)*(8+7/6)-5]*4-3}*(2+1) = 2021

04) By uniquely using the BEDMAS rules, we have:

{10+[(9+8+7+6)*(5+4^3-2)]+1} = 2021

{1+2*[3^4*(5+6)+7*(8+9)]} = 2021

From those 4 forms as we know, 2021 has 4 divisors like 1, 43, 47, and 2021, also representation by human languages with 4 letters like twenty thousand twenty-one. In the other idea, its philosophically meaning if we are ignoring rules, like the BEDMAS (Bracket Exponent Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction) then we have a very limited option in our life to live, and if we follow the rules half handedly, we may seem like have more options but indeed those options are similar with different progress. Now, if we follow the rules itself like we follow our life to live rules, then we will not only have peace, joy, and love but also, we can always have more and more options to choose in our lives to live. Lastly to being unique doesn’t mean we have to break the rules of life to lives, in fact to being unique with tons of options will be brought us to be accepted by the community as long as we can follow the rules of life to lives. Because being common or different in our life to lives doesn’t mean we need to break the rules of life to lives limitless to the infinity.

If some of us have wondered about does the sum of 2021 is 5, but why do we go with the forms of 4? Should not it be 5? Then the next one is the last one about the beginning in 2021 will be share with you what is the 5th form will be about?