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Augmented Games and Human Center for Social and Physical Interactive Games Entertainment



This presentation outlines new ideas within ubiquitous human media spaces supporting embodied interaction between humans and games both socially and physically with the aim of educative board game entertainment. We believe that the current approach to developing electronic-based entertainment environments is somewhat lacking with regard to support for multi-person multimodal interaction. We discuss some different research prototype systems: the 1941 World War History, The Fire Rescue type Cooperative Game, The Survivor novel based cooperative game, and the creativity of the story. The functional capabilities implemented in these systems include spatially-aware guiding navigation, tangible interaction, and ubiquitous human media spaces. Some of its details, benefits, and issues regarding design support are discussed.

Posted By: alberttls
Posted On: Mar-03-2019 @ 09:45am
Last Updated: Sep-08-2020 @ 06:23am

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