Early Output Device of Computer Hardware Technology - 01

Early Output Device of Computer Hardware Technology 01


Once there is an input device then to create balance, we will need an output device. Like in my previous post, we have seen in general that in computer hardware technology there is a device called input device, and this time, we would like to share with you some basic standard output of computer hardware technology, which become a basic, because of this output devices can be found almost in many sets of computer technology format. We would like to share with each of our readers to understand this content in more quantitative terms, and perhaps with more images on products' appearance in the market (for the PDF article, that will be updated frequently). To do this, we decided to treat this article of Output Device of Computer Hardware Technology as basic output devices or the primary output devices and study it as a general user (socio-user) would. Since, we will keep updating our online PDF article, then allow us to apologize if you find it on later with some updated additional information, also, for some other output devices that we put in a category as primary needs, support needs, and context needs.


The primary needs of the output device of computer hardware technology in general and in the origin are about two main parts. The first main parts of the output device of computer hardware technology are about a device to show us, the computer user, about the activity we are inputting to and the computer processing on it, which called as a monitor, which the coming years after this monitor existed in the first place, the humanity develop more needed on viewing a content, therefore the some of us will be using a need of bigger screen that can be reflected on what we see in the monitor from the input we adding it to our computer hardware technology, which the development form is like a projector. Meanwhile, the other primary needs of the output device of computer hardware technology are to help us on listening, in which the output device called as a speaker in the first place, which nowadays, this speaker has been developed into a form that not only existed in standby loudspeaker, into a form of headphone and/or earphone.


Let’s now take a look a little bit deep on each of them in general:


Monitor / Projector


First, let’s define monitor categories as output devices with such a form that has been used since the beginning of this computer generation. Monitor has been used to help users on seeing their result of their work that has been processed through the processing device of computer hardware technology by the command from the input device of computer hardware technology. By many and most of the time, there is one common accepted and confusing idea in the general public about the computer, which is monitor. General public opinion about monitor and computer for most of the time is equal, some people even think a monitor is a computer, this because of a monitor and a computer like the best of the best soulmate partner of life. This means, a computer device without a monitor should become something that incomplete, even we could say for the early computer device technology will not be so useful if there is no monitor.


If we illustrate by human organs, then we will know about if the input device like a camera our eyes is, then a monitor is more like an image result that we can see from the signal that been translated through the signal that we received through our hardware input for the electronics signal that gets processed in our processing device of computer hardware technology. Unlike human organs, we hardly can identify which part of our organ that projecting the visual images that we can see through our eyes, then in computer hardware technology, we can see the results that reflecting into some part of our brain neuron to lighten our way of working. The size of the monitor output of our computer hardware technology can be variant, from the common use which is 11”, 15”, 17”, 29”, to the much bigger size again, as the screen for the projector.


At this moment, in this early 21st-century computer hardware technology, there are several kinds of monitor that has existed and used. In the early computer hardware technology, the output device called monitor, in general, are model of CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitor, which later developed in the mid 20th century to a new design that been called LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) monitor. CRT Monitor is a monitor that using a tube, like a tube in the television. This CRT type of monitor has quite a volume and mass in its physical measurement. Also, the power that has been generated by this CRT Monitor is quite big, at that time estimated with uncertainty up to 150 Watt will be needed for the size of a 17” CRT Monitor. Also, the radiation that has been spread by this CRT Monitor is quite big comparing with the current monitor computer hardware technology. Meanwhile, the LCD monitor has a volume and mass that significantly different from the CRT monitor, which also makes the design of the LCD monitor becoming much slimmer than the CRT monitor. Even though, in this early 21st-century computer hardware technology, we know it the development in this monitor has significantly changed, not only by the volume and mass but also throughout their shape, that surely helpful in specific users of this computer.


Another situation that is still connected with this monitor is the resolution and refresh rate. Resolution is the amount of pixel that can be generated by the monitor. Most of the standard resolution on the VGA type monitor connector is 640 x 480 pixels. Meanwhile, the monitor with SVGA and XGA type of monitor connector have higher resolutions, like 800 x 600 pixel and 1024 x 768 pixel. A higher resolution of the monitor, then a better quality of the images that we can see on our screen.


On the other hand, a refresh rate is the number of frames that can be shown on the monitor per second. This value commonly measures by the unit of Hertz (Hz). A lower refresh rate on the monitor hardware computer than the image that can be shown will become like split a second and/or blinking. Meanwhile, with the higher refresh rate then the image that can be shown by the monitor computer hardware will be much smoother and more natural.


In a typewriter machine, then our output is the paper that shows us each character that we input throughout the typewriter keyboard and get processed instantly by the ribbon ink on producing such color that commonly either black color or red color.


Speaker / Headphone


For many of us, either a professional user of computer hardware technology or a pure beginner user of computer hardware technology, we know it now if there is something that we can see, then we will also want to find a way to something that we can hear. In computer hardware technology, this ability for computers to let us hear is one of the other output devices of computer hardware technology that has been called a speaker. An output computer device called a speaker that can be used with the computer hardware technology mostly similar to the general speaker that commonly uses in the auditorium, radio, etc. The main difference, the speaker that can be used for a computer will have a jack connector that smaller than the jack connector been used for the audio mixer, and/or for the general sounds radio, this jack connector can be plug-in into the audio-in port at the soundcard of your computer hardware technology. But, if we want to use the common speaker that commonly used for our radio or sound mixer, or else, then we will need a converter that converts the normal size audio jack connector which is 3.5-inch size, to the 2.5-inch size that can be accepted by soundcard in the computer hardware device.


The speaker that mostly uses as an output device of computer hardware technology is also called a multimedia speaker, there are several kinds of models and types. From the very simple one that only produces a sound in general, until the very specific that can give us a smooth sound that nearly equal to the home theatre sounds quality or the original source of the sound.


Most of the model, the multimedia speaker only have 2 devices, which is left and right speaker. But during the era, the speaker has more development, like from the common multimedia speaker to a multimedia 2.1 speaker, which is a 2 satellite speaker and one subwoofer. Which absolutely produces different quality of a speaker, that many of us can be testing it.


A satellite speaker means a speaker that especially design on producing a high-frequency sound or tweeter. Meanwhile, the subwoofer cable to producing clear low-frequency sounds or basses. The more satellite speaker that we used and the more quality of subwoofer than the better on producing of sound quality that we can hear. For example, there is a multimedia speaker 2.1 and there is a multimedia speaker 5.1, that based on our reading theory the quality of sound should be better from the multimedia speaker 5.1 than multimedia speaker 2.1


In conclusion, the output device of computer hardware technology called speaker that can be sued by the computer hardware is widely open to all kinds of the speaker. The main thing is the converter that we want to use from the general audio jack connector to finally be connected with our soundcard computer that will be helping us to translate it for the output speaker that we want connecting it with our computer hardware device.

To be continued with information about output hardware computer device - 02.


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