Early Processing Device of Hardware Computer Technology I Called Motherboard

Early Processing Device of Hardware Computer Technology I Called Motherboard


We have seen about the general input and output in the early of hardware computer technology, included their several developments at current state that we can find in the current market of technology, in which we have seen those are similar like how we human doing our work. Therefore, at this moment, we would like to introduce you to the early processing device of hardware computer technology that has been superbly helping many of us on processing each input that we want to add or proceed by our computer and giving us an actual output like how we imagine and/or predicted it. But, what are those early processing devices that have been helping us this whole time? Those early processing devices neither the less like a motherboard, a memory, a processor, and storage, the other processing devices that come out later, neither the less is the deriving functions from those devices. Therefore, in this open article, we would like to share the first processing devices that becoming important inner organs in our hardware computer technology which is called the motherboard.




Motherboard or often been called as mainboard, or system board, or logic board (especially in the early Apple Computer), or sometimes even been called as ‘mobo’, neither the less is a type of processing device that acts as the main circuit processing in the CPU (Central Processing Unit). A motherboard is a processing computer electrical device that usually for installing the other hardware on supporting a Computer, in General, to be work effectively and efficiently, a device that often gets install to this motherboard would be like a processor, memory, and some other slot that can be added to behave better connection either direct connection and/or not. In short, this processing device of hardware computer technology.


At this moment, the motherboard has been developed into a form of support on integration with several kinds of electronic computer devices like a graphic card (VGA Card), sound card, network card (LAN card), PS/2 connector, parallel connector, USB connector, firewire, HDMI, etc.


The PS/2 port has been using by a keyboard and/or mouse in a form of a PS/2 connector. Meanwhile, if we are using a keyboard and/or mouse with the type of USB connector then we will need the USB port to connect this type of USB connector. The USB port also can be used to connect with the digital camera, scanner, flash drive, Bluetooth dongle, external modem, and/or some other output hardware computer technology that has a USB connector.


A Serial port can be used to connect with a modem, a type of mouse that using a serial connector, and some other input/output device of hardware computer technology that using a serial connector. On the other hand, port parallel has been using for an early type of printer that using the parallel connector. However, in the early hardware computer technology, the port firewire has been using for connecting it with a digital video camera like a handy-cam. And currently, the HDMI port has been using to sharing the video and/or audio to a bigger screen or a projector on purpose to sharing the output image.


Choosing Motherboard


The type of motherboard is quite variants, depending on the type of processor, number of slots memory, a PCI slot, with number of the port that can give more support to the user. Once we try to purchase a new motherboard, or if we want to self-designing our computer, please be sure to choose the type of motherboard that can be matched with the type of processor that we will be using it. we could be asking the seller or specialist hardware computer engineer regarding this.


Another reason that we should be considered in choosing our motherboard is the “on-board” support. At this moment, there is plenty of motherboards that we can find in the market has been giving us with easy support through integrated electronic component, like soundcard, network card, and VGA card.


For a beginner or user that just want to learn about computer in the first hand, the user-friendly motherboard would be a good choice because, in this type of motherboard, they already have nearly all the needed electronic component for a hardware computer technology. With this type of user-friendly motherboard, the user will not need to purchase an additional device component of hardware computer technology, till it needed to be updated.


Meanwhile, for some users that required high effective working kinematics and dynamics of computer, then the specification that user-friendly computer will not be enough. The use of onboard components, like VGA Card, will often need to be updated, especially if memory capacity is almost outed. VGA Card on-board worked by taking memory from the capacity of main memory. If the capacity of the main memory that has been installed is 256 MB, then the VGA on-board will be asking for an allocation memory of around 8 to 16 MB, depending on the setting of graphics that we have asked our computer. Therefore, the effective capacity memory that can be used will be around 240 MB.


There are several tricks in the early processing device of computer hardware technology to help us on boosting our efficiency on using the computer with the system of VGA onboard. Like the common trick that has been using in the early time, by adding more memory to the main memory, an example to have it around 512 MB or 1024 MB. With the additional memory that we installed to the main memory, we hope that this additional memory can boost up our computer speed, even though will not as fast as the computer that using an add-on VGA Card under the circumstance of similar specifications.


Another trick, like we mentioned by adding the add-on VGA card into the slot of PCI, AGP, or PCI Express that has been asked by the add-on VGA card. The use of this add-on graphic card could let the capacity of the main memory as it has to be installed, meanwhile, the need for graphics has been taken care of by the add-on graphic card that owns an independent memory. These tricks, even though not so effective, but it has been proven in the early computer hardware technology generation on helped the effectiveness and lightening the work of computers that have become slower because of the share of the use in the main memory between the processing of data and the processing of graphics that been installed in the onboard graphic.


Another alternative by anticipated an issue of computer performance in the beginning, which is while we are planning on building to buying or designing our computer. Which means, by proper planning and research, we could choose the proper performance motherboard that can be matched with our need. This doesn’t mean the onboard component is bad. We just have to be selective on onboard components, such as soundcards and LAN cards with a selective quality. Even though, each computer user has their standard quality for those two components. Meanwhile, the use of on-board components like VGA card or the graphics card needs to be avoided, with the reason VGA card on-board could slowing the performance of computer because of the use of memory that taken from the main memory of the computer hardware technology.


Several motherboard brands have been around, like Intel, MSI, Gigabyte, ASUS, AsRock, etc.


What is a Form Factor?


Motherboards have a specific form factor in their size. In general, the form factor could be mean as the size of the motherboard or computer case. The types of form factor that often been used are:


  • PC/XT: a standard size motherboard builds by IBM and becomes a reference for most of the motherboard that has been around.
  • AT (Advanced Technology): a size of motherboard that a bit wider than PC/XT type. Motherboard AT has often been called Full AT that quite often found in the era of computer 386. Meanwhile, at this moment, this type of motherboard have been very limited in use and have been replaced by the other form factor like the ATX.
  • Baby AT: a new type of form factor that replacing the AT type. The functions almost similar to the AT type, but this baby AT have a size that much smaller than AT type, and without the support of AGP port.
  • ATX: a development model from the Baby AT and have commonly used at this moment.
  • ETX: stands for Embedded Technology eXtended have commonly used by a commonly fused or integrated motherboard system or single-board computer.
  • Mini-ATX: similar to the ATX, with a size that smaller than the normal ATX.
  • Micro-ATX: almost similar to the Mini-ATX, this type of motherboard size micro-ATX also has a variant type ATX with a smaller size. Motherboard type of micro-ATX often been used on a computer with the bigger case like Antec ARIA.
  • Flex-ATX: almost similar to micro-ATX, but more flexible, can be used for several models of a motherboard, also several other components with the model and adjustment on attaching it.
  • LPX: this form factor builds based on the design of Western Digital and can be mixed with the case model of ATX.
  • Mini-LPX: have a similar model with LPX with a smaller size.
  • NLX: stands for New Low profile eXtended, a motherboard that proposed by Intel and developed by IBM and some other vendors for a low profile motherboard
  • BTX (Balanced Technology Extended): a standard form factor that has been made by Intel and in some cases has been used as a replacement of ATX type.
  • Micro-BTX and pico-BTX: a new variant type of BTX but have an ordinarily pocket size.
  • Mini-ITX: a type of motherboard VIA that is integrated and has a mini size.
  • WTX (Workstation Technology Extended): a special type of motherboard, that has a wider size than ATX type, that been built especially for a workstation with multi-processor or multi-hard drive.

Computer Desktop, in general, are using one of the form factors that we have listed above, meanwhile, a notebook or a laptop are using a special type of motherboard that is portably integrated. Because of this portability with most of the components are integrated, many of the notebooks have met a quiet of challenge in upgrading their component compared with the computer desktop. On the other hand, if we meet some difficulties on some component, often we need to be replacing it with a set of components instead of just a module of it.


To be continued with information about processing device of hardware computer technology - 02.


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