Influences of Technology Communication Especially in 21st-Century Education Technology     Communication is one of the fundamental elements in almost any field of work, especially in the process of teaching and learning to create positive classroom management. Everyone needs clear…

Friday, March-26-2021   alberttls

Encouraging Deep Learning vs Surface Learning Strategies   It’s truly hard to separate the content of deep learning without an understanding and knowledge. Since knowledge and understanding only different by one string of red lines, that if we can be crossing it, then the concept of…

Friday, March-19-2021   alberttls

What would be the best methods/models of classroom management for minimizing student misbehavior?   Many types of research have been done in order of study on discussing to the methods/models for minimizing student misbehavior, this article will use short illustration also as an analogy from…

Friday, March-05-2021   alberttls

Positioning to Connecting the Dot in Positive Physical Space Learning Environment   In our study about Three Fundamental Elements of Classroom Management, we knew a little bit about the importance of space in terms of classroom design to support teaching and learning environment. This short…

Friday, February-26-2021   alberttls

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Staying Home and Get Paid for Surfing

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