Mathematics in Our Modern Civilizations - The Introduction 02

Mathematics in Our Modern Civilizations - The Introduction 02

Mathematics has become a part of Our Modern Civilizations

The Introduction 02


With an idea as Mathematics is the idea of surrounding about how our universe and everything in it behaves, in order to help us, human, identified situations easily in the form of us on measuring it as we have introduced in our 01 section of this Introduction. Then it comes to many of us function can become based on our mathematical knowledge. In order for us to measuring the area then our function will be A(s)=s*s, with the meaning of A as a symbol for shortening the word of Area, A(s) means the value that we want to change will be the value of “s”, lastly s*s is our function that indicates the measurement for two sides, either those called length and width, or length and height, or base and height, that’s free to choose in our convenient, but our value of A(s) will depend on the variant value in the form of this two sides, under name of the side for now. In addition, for us to easily recognize this study for Mathematics of functions, we called this study Calculus, in terms like the study of mathematics that explores variables and how they change by looking at those function on how they change (Live Science, 2015), in more development of this study, mathematicians and/or some enthusiast to mathematics in any form, there is a study named Calculus of Differential that the study for the rate of change from a variant of a variable on functions, also there is a study named Calculus of Integral in which the study with the limit of some value that comes from a variant of a variable on functions.


Then there is the science concerned with developing and studying methods for collecting, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting empirical data (UCI, 2021). This means in order to help us with more variant of data collections based on our accumulations, and tabulation in the form of data quantity to seeing the pattern that happened according to that data, the mathematician discovers this Mathematics of Data Study as Statistics. There is a Probability Theory, that in general as one of the roles of the play in the study of Statistics. The theory makes us, Mathematician, form our possibility on making a prediction of the event if the event can keep continuous or should be just once time event only. The experimental theory of this has been succeeded tested in the game of cards, like Poker. This theory is also applicable in the Biology analysis on prediction between the possibility of numbers of newborn baby males and females in one location under some condition time interval.


These two studies of Mathematics introduced in this article are the most uniquely special under the study of Mathematics. With this widely and uniquely form from the idea of study on Mathematics, this study has made many of us, humans, either as Mathematician, a practitioner of Mathematics, and/or some other enthusiast Mathematics, or some directly related subject into it, and some indirectly connected into it, all of us believe about this Study of Mathematics is the closer logic of surrounds us that can be applied into most of the fields that happening in this universe. The study of mathematics has explained the reasoning behind our thinking and has helped us to form the conclusion of our thinking in such a form of this study. Then with the base of idea, assumption, and definition, the study of mathematics has developing several evidence of connections between one and another as a natural chain of connection. Many Professionally Passionate Mathematician has shown us how brilliantly this study of mathematics on helping us to prove, designing, and forming the most efficiently effective way on our life to live through everything around us.


On the other hand, with the help of study in Mathematics, many of us who's got introduced to Mathematics by some purposes can see about the beauty of Mathematics under the harmony of action or pattern in order to form the form of human called comfort, in the sense of permissive beauty like the combination of color that has been experimentally used by many artists, or the combination of sounds of instrument that has been demonstrated by composers, or the combinations of rhyme and/or word that has been designed by a producer of music or by an author from some book on combining such a pattern for writing his/her novels. Like it has been said,”that logic consisted entirely of tautologies, the truth of which was not guaranteed by eternal facts in the Platonic realm of ideas but lay, rather, simply in the nature of language” (Russel, 1922), in which mean the mathematics as the nature of language that spoke to us, human, through some pattern in geometry in translate into a number, angle, and other tools that can help us from a proper point of view, the study of mathematics that have beauty, quietness, and simplification, like the beauty of stone art that been design by the stone maker. Therefore, with our interest to our realization on our deafness on something surround us, with our curiosity on our blindness to the beauty of our environment or to the beauty that we heard through the sound, and our pure passion on helping us, human, to discovering and exploring our harmony in the language of the universe.


The Study of Mathematics is also given us tons of entertainment without limit. From generation to other generation, Mathematicians and some other passionate professional have shared with us through many of what we call Entertainment of Mathematics, from a question and answer that simplified construction on our thinking to the brain puzzle that sometimes required some deep analysis to solving it, even though sometimes may even need more than just years on solving it. Those entertainments of Mathematics have brought fun to some peoples. And sometimes this entertainment brings us to the world of imagination on proving there is a possibility of 0 and 1 can be shown at the same time or like the Mobius Strip, while the loop shown us about the outside part is actually the inside part.




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