Printer in the Early Output Device of Computer Hardware Technology - 02

Printer in The Early Output Device of Computer Hardware Technology - 02


In this continuous article from the early output device of computer hardware technology, we will discuss the common output devices in the early computer hardware technology. This output device of computer hardware technology has a function to help us with a hard copy of what we have typed in the computer and/or what we have edited in the computer and/or what we have proceeded in general in the computer, the terms we will use often in print. Therefore, the output device of computer hardware technology in this article will be about the printer.




The printer is the output device of computer hardware technology that helping us on providing the hardcopy from the text that we have typed on our computer, or providing the hardcopy of the images on paper that we have edited and/or adding to our computer, and/or some other documents/file that we have in our computer. Therefore, based on the function that we needed to be matched with what we want to have in our hardcopy, especially in our technical printing and interface that we will use, printer as the output device of computer hardware technology exists with many kinds of variants. For example, a kind of technology and material that is commonly used for printing is paper, and there are three types of an early generation of common printer that has been used, like Printer Dot Matrix, Printer Inkjet, and Printer Laser.


Dot Matrix Printer


Printer dot matrix is a type of printer that super noisy and often we found in the office, therefore this type of printer is commonly found at the office instead of a home user. This type of printer technically using a pin that looks like a needle with a size that very minimalizes to forming character and/or an object that will be printed out. Those pins will create a group of dots on a ribbon-based on the pattern of the object that will be printed simultaneously and forming perfect recognizable geometrical object in such a form like alphabetical, numbers, etc. that been proceed in the computer to paper.


The printing quality from the printer dot matrix quite reliable based on the numbers of the pin that is owned by the printer. The more pins, the better printing quality will be given because the more detail for the dots can be formed to create those recognizable geometrical objects. The recognizable geometrical object can be printed much more clear and more natural for the quality with more pins install in the printer dot matrix. On the other hand, we also need to remember not only the numbers of the pin, but the quality of the ribbon that will be used in this printer dot matrix also can deciding on quality printing. Therefore, the very easy way to test it out if we use the 2nd hand ribbon quality, then we will know our printing result will become blurry, instead of we use the new ribbon. But, which one is more important between the pin and the ribbon? The answer to this both of them, there is no number one or number two between them, both tools are indeed important, the pin will not be working without ribbon and vice versa. An example of this type of printer is Epson DFX-9000, Epson LQ-300, Epson LX-800, Epson LX-300, Epson LQ-1050, Epson DFX-8000, etc.


Not only about the quality of printing, but the speed on printing also variant, it stated from 50 cps (characters per second) to 500 cps. This one based on the model of quality printing that we want our documents to be looks like. For example, if we are printing our document with the format is light printing, then the printing process will become much faster than the clear printing, which commonly called Draft printing for the light printing, and Roman printing for clear printing. Meanwhile, those speeds also need to be remembered based on the numbers of pins in the printer dot matrix about 9 and 24.


Even though the printing quality that has been outputly proceeded is quite simple, but the physical quality of the printer dot matrix, in general, is quite rough. This has been proved by the time limit of using this type of printer is quite long. Also, the prices of the consumables like the ribbon that needs to be replaced periodically relative low budget comparing with some other consumables’ printer. For that main reason, even though the printing quality is quite simple, this printer dot matrix generally in the market has a higher price compared to the InkJet and/or DeskJet printer at this moment, but luckily still more affordable than the laser technology printer. Moreover, the selling price for the 2nd hand printer dot matrix on some brands and types still quite good in the market itself. For example, the 2nd hand of printer dot matrix brand EPSON type LX-800 still around USD 60 around the year of 2008 from Gregorian Calendar.


Because of the technic and special quality on printing, then printer dot matrix in general commonly used at the bank on printing, and/or some businesses that indeed of using multiple papers to print.


InkJet / DeskJet Printer


Another type of printer that quite famous and often used by a home user in general and/or some office is an InkJet printer and/or a DeskJet printer, they both are practically a similar printer. The main difference with the printer dot matrix is this printer using ink as the mediator to outputly showing the result on paper. An ink that has been save in a cartridge will be shotting it to a paper based on the pattern of recognizable geometrical object we have input and process by the computer.


There are several brands of this inkjet printer that commonly used and easily found in the market or even at your home, those brands like CANON, HP (Hewlett-Packard), and EPSON. Each of those brands has its technical specialty and name, an example like CANON are using CANON Bubblejet, meanwhile, HP is using a name like HP Deskjet, which is practically commonly used to print a document, they are practically similar to each other.


At this moment there is an inkjet printer with a system infusion for their ink, which is a system that having ink in the tube that put it outside the printer and injected into the house cartridge. The capacity of this infuse system in terms of ink capacity has much more than the capacity of the cartridge ink standard. Neither of these systems, the cartridge system and/or the infuse system is easier to be refilled.

Unfortunately, there are several disadvantages from this inkjet printer, which is the result of printing easily refracted once it hit the water. The only solutions to avoid that disadvantages by using a water-resistant type of ink and of course needed a special paper itself on printing it, an example like a glossy paper that commonly used in the beginning on photo paper, even though at this moment, there is a type of photo paper that not glossy anymore, like doff paper, and silky paper that not only water-resistant in it a specialty.


Another thing is by general this type of printer can be afforded by the most home user compared with the laser printer at the early output device of computer technology, but the cost of service and the cost of effectiveness of this inkjet printer a surely challenging. For example like the use of a cartridge will need a replacement after several times of refill, meanwhile the cost for the original cartridge quite competitive. On the other hand, for the special printing situation, like photo printing, we will need a special paper which is commonly called glossy paper for a photo paper that also quite competitive compared with the A4 handwriting paper. Therefore, once we compare it with the laser printer, the average cost by paper will become mountainous.


In practice, the cost of using this inkjet printer at this state often trains the user to become creative by using the refill cartridge to the limit. Even though, that’s process won’t be approved by the printer company. This is of course because the quality of printing will not become a standard, and the careless user on using the refill cartridge will bring to a flood of ink which can lead to immediate shortcut electricity of printer component.


Laser Printer


For the first time, this laser printer gets introduced by Hewlett-Packard in 1984. Even though, the technology that been used by that time only a type of modification from the printer of Canon.


At the first sight, the general working principle of this laser printer similar to the photocopy machine. At the photocopy machine, each page gets scan and then printed. At the laser printer, data will be a scan or draw by the printer before it gets processed by the printer to get print. The pattern of the document will get “draw’ by the laser on the surface of the “drum kit". Then, the document will be print based on the geometrical pattern that has been projected to the surface of that “drum kit”, then the result will be coming out from the fuser as our printing paper. An example of this type of printer will be HP LaserJet 1160, HP LaserJet 1320, etc.


Meanwhile, as we know about in the inkjet printer we will need to use the cartridge as the source for the ink, then for this laser printer, they are using a toner cartridge, which of course will giving us much better quality in our printing. Besides, this laser printer also having a fusing unit, a device that doesn’t exist on other types of printers. This fusing unit will help the result of printing on the paper and/or the media printing of this Laser Printer. Also, one thing that needs to be considerate this laser printer has a resolution on printing, which is standard by 600 dpi (dot per inch), with type and size of the media that can be used also variant, started by an ordinary A4 writing paper, envelopes, to multiple different kinds of sticker label.




In this special section, I would like to be mentioned one special printer that has been around, and this early special printer in the very beginning been called a super-wide printer, which is later on called a plotter as the market name also easier to be recognized, even though in practice, there are several other names will come out. The name of this type of printer, may not be so usual for most of the home users of computer technology. Generally, this plotter is a printer, but this type of printer has a special function that can print on the wide and lengthy of media printing, an example like a roll paper. Because of the special functions which own only by this printer, therefore this wide format printer that commonly recognizes in the beginning, often been called a plotter.


On several brands of this plotter, an example like in hp (Hewlett-Packard), the plotter also gets called a DesignJet Printer, like HP DesignJet 1055C.


In the very early generation output computer hardware technology, the use of this plotter often can be found on construction service, mining industrial, mapping industry, advertisement industrial, garment industry, and for now, you can find this type of printer almost in every industry that required a wide range media printing. With the use of this printer, therefore, we can often see the printing result made by plotter on wide paper architecture like blueprint paper, uncut mapping paper, standing banner, and many more.


3D Printer


Up to the previous section, all the thing that we print always in the 2-dimensional axis, which is the x-axis or x-direction for the wide, and y-axis or y-direction for the length, and vice versa, but there is no height printing. Therefore, in this last special section of a printer for this moment, I would like to introduce the last 20th century home user printer that has been around, which is called a 3D printer. It is named as it’s because of the special function of this printer that different from the predecessor of printer generation. In the early generation of the printer, we only know about each time we print it need a surface media like paper to be printed, which is called 2 axis printing, in term of x-direction for the wide, and y-direction for the length, and now, with this 3D Printer, we also can print the z-direction which is for the height of the object. Because of this printer can printing the height of the recognizable geometry object that we have on our document in such a format; therefore, this printer will not be using the ordinary ink, an ink that used in this printer will be like a roll in the format of soft material that can be heated. Therefore, the uniqueness of this 3D Printer, not only this printer does not require ink, but this printer also owned a heated needle that will be heating the PLA material that will go through, it to be softly modified as the order of recognizable geometry object that we have asked the printer to process it.


At this moment, this 3D Printer still under development by many electronics developers. The result of the development from this 3D Printer since the early existences till this point (April 2021) mostly about the more different kind of material that can be printed, therefore not only PLA material, but also can have a Wood, Metal, etc. Another development from this 3D Printer which still ongoing since the early existences also about the time interval that needed for this printer to print such an object in a more efficient time interval. Lastly, the other development that also happens is the palate of this printer, which lead to the size of this printer, especially for home 3D Printer and industrial 3D Printer can be efficiently effective on a result, in terms of with the portable 3D can reach what we will be called later portable 3D printing result, with the home desk 3D print we can reach what we will have a size of 3D home desk printer, and with the industrial 3D printer, we also can see the quality like how we see it between the home desk printer in the early output computer device technology which we compare to the plotter as the industrial printer of the early output computer device technology. Therefore, still more development in this 3D Printer that needed to be applied in the coming years, especially to be a handful and friendly use for the home user.




Finally, the printer is an output device of computer hardware technology that has been used for printing recognizable geometrical objects in format text, numbers, etc that we have as a document from the computer. There are many variants of the printer, based on technic of printing, and the interface that we needed. Based on technology, and material that will be used for printing.  On the other hand, a plotter is a name for a wide format printer due to the functions of this type of printer to print on super wide and lengthy media, like the roll paper. Several results from this plotter that we can easily found are architecture design, uncut mapping, standing banner, etc. Meanwhile, with the further development of humanity that brought to home user market at the end of the 20th century, we learned a new type of computer called 3D Printer, because of the special function of this printing that can help us to print recognizable geometrical object in 3 axes of printing, with of course using a different material to print, like PLA. Several results from this 3D printer that we can easily found are like a token that we can find in the hard copy game, a miniature toy, etc.


To be continued with information about processing hardware computer device.


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