Several Development in the Early Input Device of Computer Hardware Technology

Several Development in the Early Input Device of Computer Hardware Technology

Several Development in the Early Input Device of Hardware Computer Technology


We know now about there are several forms of a connector with also input hardware computer technology category, which at this time we are focused by called an input device of the hardware computer technology, which those fundamental are introduced in our previous article which is keyboard, and mouse in the early modern technology, that currently categories as computer technology generation four. Therefore, in the process of development and research through this input hardware computer technology generation four, many researchers, inventor, and electronic hardware maker have created more variant of input hardware computer technology tools that conveniently reachable in current 21st hardware computer technology with also conveniently use in such a purpose, which based on the early 19th century. Therefore, in this time, we will share an introduction through this article on several more the input hardware computer technology generation four that current development on helping the user to be more convenient in digital work.




Digitizer originally and firstly design for helping the computer user do draws. The model of this digitizer in the early form does look like a mouse, therefore at that time, it’s hard to recognize between digitizer and mouse. Unlike mouse that can be used in most software that has been installed in your personal computer system, then digitizer as the original design for drawing, which makes it only work effectively and efficiently for some drawing software, like software for drawing a map, or software for designing some object based on pattern recognizable or samples, etc. Digitizer mostly works based on point coordinate that has been setting in the software. An example of the use of this device in the early time can be found mostly in the company that deals with mapping, or designing a map, or a company that deals with real-life mining in the field.


Digitizer gets introduced around the year of 1970s and with the development in the early 1980s throughout support development in software named intelligent digitizer (ID) and BitPad that been made by Summagrpahics Corp. That two additional software can be added into a software called CAD (Computer-Aided Design). Moreover, that two additional software become a standardization on designing through computer software in each new computer in that era and in the AutoCAD software itself till up to this era. In the meantime, Summagraphics also making a version of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) digitizer BitPad that has been sell-by Apple as an additional input device or accessories for Apple II. This initiates the most user in general on using digitizer as a device on drawing digitally.


Therefore, with the development of digitizer, then the following years to come, another device that similarly looks like a digitizer eventually come up as the evidence on input hardware computer development, which called a digital pen. Digital pen model and the function almost similar to the ordinary pen. A camera sensor has been installed in a digital pen, to recording a movement of our hand while we are “writing” or “drawing” an object in some pattern, then saving those patterns in a form of a recognizable geometry pattern, which recognizes as an “image” or an “alphabetical word”.


During the development, several companies have been produced an initiate model with a development that many of us can find currently for the digitizer and/or a digital pen are like ACECAD Enterprise co., Ltd, Adesso, AIPTEK, Genius KYE, GTCO CalComp, Logitech, WACOM, etc.


Touch Screen


Another development for input computer hardware device not only within the keyboard and mouse but also in the combination with their output computer device, in this case, we called the technology “Touch Screen”. Touchscreen which has also been called a ‘touch panel’ is a special systematic screen that can receive an order by direct touch, and immediately respond by showing the order of information that has been asked.


In the early generation of the introduction of a touch screen to the public, there is a technology called PDA (Personal Digital Assistant), some model of mobile phone like from SONY, some computer device that mostly can be found in digital photo store like POS Computer, lastly the current smartphone and/or tablet technology that start to become fancy in 2007 throughout Apple iPhone. 


The use of touchscreen has become more famous since the discovery of the electronic touch-interface in the year 1971’s by Dr. Samuel C. Hurst. From that time to now, the use of touchscreen getting more and more in development and being used till today technology in almost all kind of media and networks by variant use, like in the ATM machine, Game Center, Computer Tablet technology. Even though in the early industry of touchscreen, most of the user can only find it in the heavy lift company, or interactive museum, etc. 




The scanner is an input hardware computer device that has been used to scanning an image of an analog object and/or an analog picture or analog document, then saving it in the digital format in a form of a file on your computer. A fundamental idea of a working scanner is quite simple, which is to convert a particle and wavelength of light that reflected to become a data digital in binary code, 0 and 1. Those data, by humans, will be seen as a clear digital object. For example, the use of this fundamental work of scanner can be found in the photocopy machine, fax machine, barcode reader machine, and/or some digital paper checking answering machine, like been used for some wide computerized multiple-choice examination in the early 1970s of the education system.


In the world of hardware computer technology devices, an ordinary general scanner that is often used is the model of a flatbed. It has been called flatbed because of the model that is slim and flat like a bed. This type of scanner can be used for scanning a document or a picture in 2-dimension format, even though some people may use it for a 3-dimension object under some tricks and modification. In order for the scanner to scanning a document text and saving it with a format of the text that can be edited, then a scanner will need special software, a feature to identify text that been called OCR (Optical Character Recognition), or else the scanner will only be saving it as an image.


The technology of OCR starts to get developed in the early 1950s and keep developing up till this point. From the early 1970s to the 1980s, the function of OCR software was still very limited because of only can detect several types of characters with selected sizes. But, at this moment, this software has developed tremendously by the work of a programmer (a person who works with writing on developing a coding program), this software now can recognize more variant characters in whichever size of the font.


The invention of the technology of OCR for the first time get identified by the call of “Matrix”. In this era, the type of font character that can be identified is Times, Courier, or Helvetica with the size of font between 10 to 14. Practically the early OCR work in the very simple way, which is by comparing a font character that can be scanned with the font group of character in a bitmap format file, that been saved in the database of that program. This method has been called ‘pattern matching’, and only effective if we use the inproportionally font like Courier.


Currently, in the further development of technology OCR, comes up with a technic that has been called POWR (Predictive Optical Word Recognition). With this POWR feature, an unable user on the processing of identifying text based on a group of words and saving it as a text that can be editing again.




A microphone or been called a ‘mic’, which is an input type hardware computer device that translates a sound wave into a digital electric wave in form of sound. In digital computer hardware software practice, our voice or surrounding voice that has been detected by the microphone will be translating into data and become a file in some format, like 'wav' format or 'mp3' format. Meantime, the technology input device called microphone is often used in the technology like telephone, tape recorder, a hearing device, digital video camera, radio transmission, VoIP device, current portable computer, current portable devices, etc.


In some additional cases, the microphone also can be added to the computer hardware device that owns an input which normally in audio connector 3.5 mm, that mostly smaller than the ordinary microphone that been used by professional singer in the theatre or concert. However, this microphone type 3.5 mm can be added to a computer that disowned a built-in microphone connector.


The use of a microphone for the first time gets called in the very early invention of the telephone by Alexander Graham Bell, which is called a transmitter. In October 1876, the first commercial microphone exists, which is built by Thomas Alva Edison using carbon material.


Most of the microphones work in very simple ways, which is the sound wave that been identified by the microphone will be converting into an electric signal by some simple diaphragm. By mean once the diaphragm vibrates, it causes other components in the microphone to vibrate. These vibrations are converted into an electrical current which becomes the audio signal. Lastly, this signal gets proceed and transmitted in the form of digital data that recognize in our software computer.


In the end, by the end of the 20th century, the development of input device in computer technology has tremendously increased in order to help each user in the different profession being more conveniently comfortable on using computer technology to digitalize their work and saving the wood of the Earth to being converted from a wood to a paper. In this article, those type of input hardware device just an example, and still there are many different kinds of input for hardware computer device out there, especially in the current early 21st-century era, like currently been used by many forms, an input device for the use of recording image, which is input technology computer device called as Video Camera, for more detail in the technology of Video Camera, please open the indirect link that been given.


To be continued with information about output hardware computer device, processing hardware computer device, etc.


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