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The Input/Output Device of Hardware Computer Technology 01

The Input/Output Device of Hardware Computer Technology 01

The Input/Output Device of Hardware Computer Technology 01 And Their Types Of Connector



There are several types of connectors for each computer output-input hardware that we can be known. So, based on the connector interface, several types have been existed and still developing for a type of connection in the input and/or output devices of computer technology. These types of connection are from the standard connector, that we called, and that user can be found in the market from the early computer generation to the current one. These connectors are like AT (DIN-5) connector, PS/2 connector, USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector, and wireless connector.


Firstly, a computer hardware device input/output with AT (DIN-5) connector, like in the standard Keyboard AT (DIN-5) have a form of connector that looks like a circle around a cent of coin for the diameter. This type of computer hardware input often been used in the early generation of computers. These types of computer hardware input also still been used for a type of computer that has a PS/2 connector, but there is a need for a device called a converter to need to use in order of using this AT (DIN-5) computer connector in the PS/2 computer connector.


Secondly, a computer hardware device input with the PS/2 connector. The one side of the cable which has a PS/2 connector (a plug-type device that can be inserted/connected to a motherboard of a computer) has a model like a small circle that less than a centimeter in diameter, and commonly have 6 pins in it. A computer hardware device with the PS/2 connector almost similar to models with the computer hardware device in AT (DIN-5) connector, just some of the models look fancier. These typed computer hardware device input in PS/2 connector still can be found in the current market, due to its popularity at that time.


Thirdly, a computer hardware device with the USB (Universal Serial Bus) connector. This connector type of computer hardware device starts to become a new trend and has been used in almost all kinds of computer hardware devices by the end of the 20th century. Now, this type of computer hardware device also can be used in the previous model of computer hardware technology that still using a PS/2 connector, but, as the early mentioned, we need a converter device to use the computer hardware USB type connector into a PS/2 type connector, a converter device that we needed this type is USB-PS/2 converter, while in the previous one we need to use the PS/2-AT (DIN-5) converter.


Lastly, the latest connector that currently exists and introduces as an initiative in the early 21st century is what is mostly called a wireless connector. This type of computer hardware device often using a specific radio waves transmission or maybe like an infra-red (IR) or a Bluetooth (BT) as a replacement of the cable to transmitting a signal from the computer hardware device into a bodyboard computer unit. This type of computer hardware device input is currently become a new trend in the current market in the early 21st century due to flexibility on the connection among computer hardware.


Therefore, those computer input/output hardware devices we like to be mentioned for this time will be two commonly used computer input hardware device that has broadly used among the user of all kind of computer technology. The first computer input hardware device is called a keyboard. Keyboard in the input hardware computer technology, which is an input hardware device that owned the most in-touch button like a typewriter machine. Buttons that exist on the computer keyboard used for input text and/or character on software computer or for operating that software itself. Most of the computer keyboards will have standard alphabetical buttons from A to Z, standards numerical buttons from 0 to 9, and standards symbols like (.!?><@#&). Some keyboards also have some additional functions with a special function that does not exist in the common typewriter. Those additional functions are like the “ENTER” button, “Shift” button, “Alt” button, and “F1-F12” button, which is called the function button. Each of those buttons has its specific function, based on the application and/or software that has been running in the computer itself. At this moment there are two models of a keyboard, which are a physical keyboard that we have a physical device and has an input/output connector for it to be processed, another model is a non-physical keyboard that commonly can be seen in a smartphone, and/or some other touch-screen platform.


The systematic function of a computer keyboard is quite easy. Once a button on the connected keyboard we give a press or touch, then the flexible rubber that under the button or the identifier will touch an electric circuit under it and deliver the signal through the connector to the chip in the CPU motherboard. Meanwhile, to be noted the connector can be by cable or by wireless transmission. Then those signals will be translated to become a specific code based on the button that we give a press or a touch. For example, once we press the button “A” on the computer hardware keyboard then a processing chip will receive a signal for showing an alphabet or a character “A” on the computer hardware screen.


At this current stage, there are plenty of choices in the model and type of keyboard. A standards keyboard will have up to 104 buttons. Feel free to count it on your typing computer keyboard for how many buttons are they. Meanwhile, some of the computer hardware keyboards will also have some additional functions like, “WAKE” button, “Sleep” button, and/or “Power” button. Even some computer hardware keyboards, like some particular brand of computer hardware keyboards, there’s a button for adjusting a volume, accessing the internet, sending an email, accessing a folder, etc.


Currently, not only about the function but on a special keyboard will also have several additional functions. Like, they are using a LATIN alphabet, or in some other country like in China, Korea, or Japan, they have a typing keyboard computer that has buttons and characters that can be much helpful and useful in typing the conversational language that been used in each of those countries.


The second computer input hardware device that is mostly used up till now called mouse. Mouse becomes an indirect partner of a keyboard that’s been used since the early computer in the ’60s until up to this point. Based on etymology, the word mouse means a small animal that has a pointy nose, a small rounded, and a body length scaly tail. Therefore, this hardware computer device got called a mouse, because this device has an appearance that similarly to it, except the fur part, this hardware computing device does have a small rounded body length size of a hand palm with a function to pointing an object in the screen or to choose a menu tab in some application to get an order. The mouse also can be interpreted as a finger that touches or choosing an object or a menu that the user wants on the untouched computer monitor screen.


The computer hardware device called the mouse, get invented for the first time by Douglas Engelbart from Stanford Research Institute in the year of 1963. The first mouse hardware computer generation was using a ball at the outside, that been to function as doing a moving of vertical and horizontal line. This type of mouse, later on, is called trackball. A moving pointer on the computer screen gets tracked based on the movement of the ball on the trackball, meanwhile, the position of the trackball in real-life is to stay still on the position.


In the early 1970s, a form of mouse started to get more development. Instead of a form like a trackball, the mouse in this generation moves the ball to the inside of the device, then a movement of the pointer on the computer screen will be based on the movement of our mouse in a real-life.


The principle on how the mouse function is relatively simple. Trackball and conventional mouse either in whatever types of connector, in the early most of the computer hardware mouse is using a ball for identifying the mechanics in vertical and horizontal movement. The ball inside the mouse is made of a material covered by rubber, and the movement between two axes defines a movement of a pointer on the computer screen. For a standard user, a conventional mouse has been helpful. But this early computer hardware mouse generation for the long-term users will always need to be taken care of for the ball and the axis in the devices by cleaning it to having a smooth pointer movement on a computer screen.


Around 1999, another model of the mouse get introduced, this is called an optical mouse or a mouse that is not using a ball anymore. Like the name, this type of mouse is using an infra-red for detecting a movement on a mouse pad and arrangement of the pointer on the computer screen based on the movement of the mouse. This optical mouse also has a smoother movement and more precision because not using a ball like the conventional mouse. The disadvantage of this optical mouse is this device will be hard to use if the surface of the area of this mouse to be used are made of glass or having a strong refection, in terms of the user without the mouse pad. To be effective in using this mouse, the suggestion at that time is to use the mouse pad or some surface from the material that not having so much reflection, like brown paper, newspaper, or a book.


Therefore, a standard mouse, in general, will have two buttons, even though is not rare to have the third buttons.  The third button, either in the form of a button, or a scroll itself like the most computer hardware mouse that we can find in the market currently, a scroll like a mechanical token that has been placed in the center of the mouse. Scroll also been used for a user to move a page on some application. Scroll also can be used for us to be moving up and down on some computer screen.


In conclusion, a computer input hardware device named a keyboard is a computer input hardware device that owns tons of buttons like an ordinary typewriter. A computer input hardware keyboard has been used for inserting the text or a character into software programs or for helping to operate software in the electronic computing device. A computer input hardware keyboard, in general, owned nearly 104 buttons. Also, a computer input hardware mouse, that been used to choosing an object and/or a menu in the application and/or software. A computer input hardware mouse gets illustrated as a touch finger and in choosing an object or menu that we want it from the options that exist on the computer screen monitor. Neither in computer input hardware keyboard or computer input hardware mouse, based on its interface and connector that been used, there are 4 types of connectors like AT (DIN-5) or serial connectors, PS/2 connectors, USB connectors, and wireless connectors.


Next, in the journey of continuing with this general computer hardware input, processing, and output devices we will discuss more variants of this computer hardware input.

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