Board Game for Ed-Learning


in the 21st century, throughout the E-learning, learners can be fostered the abilities of critical thinking and skills of problem-solving. Resulting from this learning, learners can apply their learned knowledge in daily problem solving and can create a new attitude toward their living. This study is to develop a new Board Role-Playing Games (RPG). In the game, it will blend the ideas of RPG and theory of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), which leads the players to develop their learning strategy and strengthen their problem-solving ability. The spectrum ideas of this game will focus on the daily life problems and common knowledge. In an RPG, the player can use learned knowledge to solve problems. Furthermore, in the process of problem-solving, players learn to know the concepts implied in the game.

Posted By: alberttls
Posted On: Jan-15-2015 @ 08:55am
Last Updated: Apr-26-2019 @ 09:14am
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