Board Game Stories and Learning



In this research, we consider the role of story in board game enhanced learning and the issues involved in constructing visualization narrative learning environments. We will see that story has played an important role in education for a very long time, well pre-dating the use of digital technologies, and can be closely related to a number of theoretical approaches to learning. However, the story has recently become a much more significant topic for research, not only in education and augmented technology, but also in other fields, such as knowledge management, and we examine why it has become such a central concern. The research then looks at the existing use of story in fielded educational applications, and questions how far it has actually been used as an essential mechanism producing a narrative learning environment - rather than merely as motivational support. The relationship between story and board games is an important issue here. We argue that the interactivity of visualization raises fundamental problems for the use of story which are still challenging researchers, and look at the various approaches to dealing with these problems, citing a number of example systems. Finally, we discuss the direction in which the board games is moving what it offers now and what it may offer in the near future, and what technical support is currently available for creating visualization narrative learning environments.

Posted By: alberttls
Posted On: Apr-26-2018 @ 08:45am
Last Updated: Apr-26-2019 @ 09:45am
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