Board Game - The Introductions

Board Game - The Introductions

What is this?

The simple way just the game we play on the board and on the table with several people or peoples. An example is International Chess, Chinese Chess, Snake and Ladder, Checker, battleship, Shogi, and many more left.

The complicated meaning is a game which now divided into two different categories between the classic games and modern games.

The game I was mentioning like International Chess, Chinese Chess, Snake and Ladder, Checker, etc. Those are a model of classic board games.

The game I will do more focus on in this article is about modern games which are quite creative and more variant in some of the ways to play and to know the situations, and more importantly educative.


Regarding the time, board games were existed since many centuries ago.


Humans need something to relax, easy, have fun, interesting. Therefore game was created with the purpose to help humans to do some figure and configuration of something to learn, play, try, test, and fun on it. 


Just to make it simple in life.


The game always exist among us, around us, and beside us


The player is a title for humans who plays the game.


All the games are suitable for any kind of age of human being.


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Posted On: Jan-08-2016 @ 08:20am
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