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Board Games Enables Creativity and Critical Thinking



in this post-edutainment era, a structural and functional board game is playing an increasingly important role in Educational Research and Development. Transforming current bio education for future research education is, therefore, a challenging task. Learning structural board games starting from K-12 year or in pre-university education is an issue of strategic importance. This paper presents our experimental work on BG edutainment for structural educative learning in secondary school. Through play, students will have a more intuitive way to understand better board-game structures. Immersive and interactive games may potentially motivate students to explore the wonders of Learning. The board game edutainment solution developed is powered by the variant board-game publisher.

Posted By: alberttls
Posted On: Feb-26-2019 @ 09:30am
Last Updated: Sep-08-2020 @ 06:16am

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