Board Games Learning or - Do They

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There have been a number of discussions and studies on the necessity for and impact of board games for learning, especially in applied education. These discussions took place throughout the world - at conferences, like Dice-con in US-China - Taiwan, Education Toys in Hong Kong, ESSEN Board Game Conferences in Germany, and Gamification Conferences in Japan. This discussion will summarize the findings from these activities and challenge the audience to think about whether their use of visuals enhances learning and how to ensure that they do. The activities mentioned above were supported by an AT.LS Foundations grant and a white paper on visual learning for education summarize the findings. The white paper includes examples of successful use of images, simulations, and interactions, as well as studies that show both success and failure in the use of visuals for learning. This research paper also gives recommendations for additional research topics, and it will be available in both the hard copy and digital copy.

Posted By: alberttls
Posted On: Jul-26-2018 @ 09:05am
Last Updated: Sep-05-2020 @ 06:54am
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