Applied Calculus to Business and Econ

00 - Pilot

Course Number : ACBE

Level : Intermediate

Course Features :

Lecture Notes, Assignment, Assignment: Programming, Exam, Projects, and Examples

Course Description :

Learners will learn the concepts of differential and integral calculus in specific contexts with emphasis on applications to economics. The topic will include: rate of change, tangent lines, derivatives, accumulation, area, integrals, multi-variable functions, and partial derivatives.

Pre-requisites :

AP Calculus AB

AP Calculus BC


Course Recommended Text :

Mathematical Applications for the Management, Life, and Social Sciences, 10th Edition, by Harsh barger / Reynolds

Grading Policy :

Your grade will weighted as follows:

Homework >> 15%

Participations >> 5%

Exam 1 >> 22%

Exam II >> 22%

Final Exam >> 36%

Topic :

Homework :

Homework will be administered by web-based and will typically be due every Tuesday and Thursday night at 23:00 of local time. You will use a portion of each quiz section to ask your teacher questions about the homework due that night. No extensions will be given to anyone for any reason. You may miss 10% of the total of homework points available for the quarter without penalty to your grade.

Participation :

A portion of most quiz sections will be dedicated to either working in groups on a problem-solving activity or practicing working old exam problems individually. The purpose of group activities is to get you to articulate your ideas and questions in small groups and have conversations about the material with your colleagues. The purpose of the individual test preparation problems is to give you the chance to practice working on actual exam problems in a test-taking environment. For each group activity and test prep problem, you will receive a participation score (either 0 or 1): be on time, do the work, stay the duration, and you will earn the point for the day. You may miss two quiz sections without penalty for your grade.

Make-Ups :

No extensions will be granted for homework to anyone for any reason. No exceptions.

Absences from the quiz section will be excused only for traveling athletes or observance of religious holidays. Contact me a week in advance via email to make arrangements. No other absences will be excused. No exceptions.

Make-up exams will not be given. If you miss an exam due to unavoidable, compelling, and well-documented circumstances (e.g: illness, transportation emergency), your final exam may be weighted more heavily.