English is the Simple Language - The 4th Step

English is the Simple Language - The 4th Step

Hello everyone,

First of all before we starting the 4th session. I would like to say thank you to keep updating the lesson throughout our site. And Second of all, like I was mentioning in the first lesson about all of this I got from my friends who are English teacher, so, thanks to him for this guide.

Our exploration in this term, the 4th sessions, about English is simple, we will try to find about Subject-Verb-Adj pattern.

As usual, let's see how this will work throughout the sample tenses of Subject-Verb-Adj as following:

Sentences  A Descriptions
 He is fine  Basic sentence with "be" verb
 He seems happy  Basic sentence with another linking verb
 Jordan is tall, dark, and handsome  Series of adjectives
 He appears very comfortable  Adverb or intensifier added
 George became sick last night  Different tense and linking verb


Note: Only linking verbs can be used with this sentence pattern

Thank you everyone, and hope this part can help you to identified about adjective words.

See you again in the next session.

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